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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-284625All States/Provinces: Clock In/Clock Links Displaying When not Enabled Causing Excessive Logging

The Clock-In/Clock-Out code is now updated to return a valid studentsdcid and a check has been added. These updates will stop the Clock In/Clock Out links from displaying when it has not been enabled and will no longer cause excessive activity in the logs.

PSSR-279318All States/Provinces: Student Incident Profile Report - Days Count Update

Student Incident Profile Report: Version 1.1

Initially, the Student Incident Profile Report has been updated and the Days count will now only factor in in-session days between the action start and end dates.

PSSR-28807610/30 Day Reports - Update for Remote Enrollments

10/30 Day – By Class: Version 2.3 and 10/30 Day - By Period: Version 2.2

The following updates are made:

  • The reports show the classes/periods the student is enrolled in that are not taken at the selected school. The Class/Period and School courses taken at the non-selected schools appear on the report but attendance data does not populate.
  • The Student Header School is now the student’s home school.
PSSR-280149Ed-Fi Framework: Descriptors Not Downloading For Some Subdistricts

An issue was found that in some scenarios, descriptors would not download for subdistricts. The code has been updated to fix this issue.

PSSR-207695Ed-Fi Framework: Move Clear Cache button to the top of the Grid

The Clear Cache button has been moved to the top of the record display and made into a more usable button to allow for quicker access to the button when loading the page.

PSSR-278838Ed-Fi Framework: Queued Dashboard Requests Update to Include District Office

Queued Dashboard Requests View has been updated to include District Office records.

PSSR-284491Ed-Fi: Add Cohorts for Modality Student Association

Student Cohort Association records are published for the student’s Learning Preference records. If there is no record, the School Default Learning Preference value is used.

PSSR-281018Ed-Fi: S2E2 Schools Publishing for Local School

If an S2E2 school matches the local school number of another school, without considering the leading zeroes, the S2E2 LEA record does not publish.

Note: To remove the existing errors, you need to run with the options “Purge Unpublished” for the dashboard for Organization Setup, and then follow up with a “Publish All”.

PSSR-285707Ed-Fi: Updates on the Additional Graduation Award

The Additional Graduation Award has been implemented within the Ed-Fi/Student Academic Records resource under the recognitions collection. Within the Recognitions collection, the following fields are provided:

  1. recognitionTypeDescriptor: This publishes CEPI identified codes from 01 to 05 that are defined in the newly created namespace uri:// 
  2. achievementCategoryDescriptor: This publishes a specific value called "Additional Graduation Award" in the namespace uri:// 
PSSR-238975General/SRM/Early Childhood Collection - EOY Update

General/SRM/Early Childhood: Version 4.5

The following updates are made:

  • The Major Version on the EOY General and EOP Early Childhood collections are updated from ‘2020-2021’ to ‘2021-2022’.
  • The Collection ID is updated as follows:
    • EOY General Collection: From “237” to “253”.
    • EOP Early Childhood Collection: From “236” to “254”.
PSSR-288557Third Grade Retention Collection Update

Third Grade Retention: Version 1.3

The following updates are made:

  • Major Version is updated from "2020-2021" to “2021-2022”.
  • Third Grade Retention Collection ID is updated from "229" to “255”.
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