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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-237036Discipline Log Entry - Update

The following are the updates:

  • The informational note is no longer accurate and has been removed: Per CEPI, this section is required for all Special Education students and for General Education students where a discipline consequence results in an In-School Suspension, Out-of-School Suspension, or Expulsion.
  • Version 3.1 is removed from the Michigan State Information Header.
PSSR-233775Early On Services Component - New

Early on Services Component now includes the new requirements such as Length in Minutes and Frequency of Services.

PSSR-233753Early Roster Collection - Updates

The following updates are made to the Early Roster Collection:

  • Major Version is Changed to “2020–2021”
  • Collection ID is updated to “221”
  • Assessment Component is removed from the report.

Assessment Removal:

The Assessment Component has been retired and is no longer available in the Early Roster Collection:

  • The Assessment Component on the State/Province- MI page is moved to the Obsolete tab.
PSSR-236445DEXRestore the State Reporting Page When DEX Is Disabled

When the DEX plugin is disabled, the name of the State Reporting tab under System reports will change to "State" and will move to the center tab, where it was previously located.

PSSR-237012Ed-Fi Framework: Dependency Check Performance Improvementments

Performance improvements have been made in the Dependency Check Processor for the Ed-Fi Framework. This will greatly improve the efficiency at which dependencies are checked and processed.

PSSR-230723Ed-Fi: Create Profile For Ed-Fi V3

The state of Michigan has updated its Ed-Fi system to version 3 of Ed-Fi. A new profile has been created in PowerSchool to accommodate the new system and publishing. The older profiles will no longer publish data as the state has decommissioned those servers. As such, when this update is loaded for version 3, all previous profiles and previously published data will be removed from the system and a new V3 profile will be created called "MI Datahub". This new V3 profile will be able to publish data for school years from 2017-2021. The school year 2020–2021 will be enabled by default and other school years can be enabled if needed.

PSSR-227904Ed-Fi: Sub-Districts Not Publishing Data Correctly

For a sub-district setup, Ed-Fi V3 now publishes each resource for their district to the right key and secret.

PSSR-227316Ed-Fi: Treat A School That Does Not Have an MSDS Number as Being Excluded

Ed-Fi will now exclude all the records related to a school without an MSDS number.

PSSR-230527General / SRM / Early Childhood - Updates

The following comments are added to the Report parameter page:

  • Attendance will be reported on the EOY Collection.
  • Attendance will be reported on the Fall, Spring, and SRM Collections when a student has exited the district.
  • Attendance on the Fall, Spring, and SRM Collections for all active students will only be reported if you select “Yes” to include attendance.
  • Discipline records are grouped by students, not by the school they are enrolled in at the time of the incident.
PSSR-237035Initial IFSP Referral Agency - Update

Referral Agency code for Uknown is updated from “UNK” to “UKN”

PSSR-232349Membership Tab - Update

Tuition Funded Enrollment is added to the Membership tab and will be reported as Y or N on the MI General/SRM/Early Childhood Collection.

PSSR-233777Special Education Tab - Update

A new Support Services code of (494) Behavioral Supports is added to the Select list.

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