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ESSENCE (Auto-Transfer)

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The data for this extract is used to provide the Health Department with daily enrollment and attendance totals for the ESSENCE project (Electronic Surveillance System for the Early Notification of Community-based Epidemics. This version of the report allows the user to setup an automatic transfer to the Health Departments SFTP site.

Report Setup

There is some additional setup required to run the ESSENCE (Auto-Transfer) report.

  • The Remote Connection Manager needs to be enabled. Go to Start Page > System > System Settings > Plugin Management Configuration.
  • Click on Remote Connection Manager
  • Click on Remote Connect Manager again
  • Create a New Connection
    • Name = the name you would like to give this remote connection (i.e. ESSENCE)
    • Description = description of the connection
    • Protocol = SFTP
    • Host =
    • Port = 22
    • Username = Same username entered on the District Setup Page > FTP User Name for ESSENCE Attendance Upload
    • Remote Path = the folder that the state has setup for your district on their SFTP server
    • Allow Download = No checkmark (False)
    • Allow Upload = Checkmark (true)
    • Submit

Report Input – ESSENCE

For help with navigation and running the report, see How to Find and Generate a Report.

This report uses the State reporting Platform to generate results.

You will need to install and setup a night transfer via an FTP program to automatically transfer this file from your server to the specified server given by MSDE.



Report Parameters

Select Set All; this will store your selections for this report which is helpful when you need to submit a new file and you are unsure of how you created your last file.

Report Date

Leave blank for current date or enter the date you want to use.

Use Alternate School NumbersIf you require the use of the Alternate School number select Yes.

SFTP Connections

Choose the Remote Connection setup using the Remote Connection Manager.

Trace Log (Internal Option)

Check the enabled button of you would like Trace Enabled. Do not need to Enable.

Include Query Output in Trace (Internal Option)

If Trace is enabled you can enable the Query Output Row Number Limit. Do not need to set.

Query Output Row Number Limit (Internal Option)

If Trace is enabled you can enable the Query Output Row Number Limit. Do not need to set.

Sample Dataset Mode (Internal Option)

You do not need to check this box.

Scheduling – Please Select When to run

Click the Schedule button to schedule this report to run nightly. Check the weekdays only box

Please Select Schedule Settings

Enter the Start Date and Start time. Click the Repeat and Daily buttons.

Please select daily repeat cycle options.

Click the Weekdays only box.

Please select end date range option

Click the No End date or you may complete the Ends On field with the day after you last day of school.


Click the submit button. You will be taken to the Report Queue. Once your file is complete, click on the complete button and you will have a PDF file to assist you in compiling your spreadsheet for the State.

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Report Output — ESSENCE

Each of the fields displayed in the output of the report are described below. See Understanding the Report Output Table for a definition of each column in the table.


Data Element



Field Type

Field Length

Begin / End Position


Run Date

This field contains run date for the report.

Date is reported in YYYYMMDD format





School Number

School number






School Name

School name






School Zip Code

School zip code






Number of Students

Number of students enrolled in school for date or report





Number of Students Absent

Number of students absent in school for date of report.




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