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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-274229All States/Provinces: Attendance Page Error Logging Update

The meeting, clock-in/clock-out attendance page has been updated and will no longer throw the following error in the system log:

ORA-00936: Missing Expression

PSSR-270907All States/Provinces: Attendance Profile Report - Perfect Attendance Update

Attendance Profile Report: Version 1.2
The Attendance Profile report now includes students that have blank attendance. Additionally, these students will display the following message to alert end-users as to why there is no attendance listed.

No attendance records have been entered for this student.

PSSR-269245All States/Provinces: Preferred Name Fields Needed

Fields have been added to the S_STU_X table to track a student's preferred first, middle, and last names:

  • Pref_First
  • Pref_Middle
  • Pref_Last

These fields are currently only exposed in WI but can be added to the UI via page fragments and other supported methods of customization options.

PSSR-272625All States/Provinces: Security Updates to Certain HTML tags

It has been identified that certain html tags used in common compliance pages are a security vulnerability. Common compliance pages where these tags were used and all have been updated to address the security vulnerability.

PSSR-255404Census Tract and Block File New

Census Tract and Block File: Version 1.0

A new report is created per Maryland Longitudinal Data System (MLDS) that can be used to convert Student Address information into Census Tract and Block Number using a utility provided by the MLDS center.

PSSR-269935High School Status Data Collection Update

High School Status Data Collection: Version 1.3.2

'Accountability Reporting School’ is removed from the report and replaced with filler (position 280-283). 'Accountability Reporting School’ is removed from the CSV output file.

PSSR-271723MCAP Student Accommodation File Updates

MCAP Student Accommodation File: Version 1.4

The following updates are made:

  • The file layout is updated per MSDE specifications.
  • Answer Masking defaults to 'Y' for all students on the report output.
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