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New York Reports in PowerSchool

PowerSchool for New York provides a wide variety of New York-specific reports. The table below lists these reports by report type. Tip: Click a report type link to go to that report section.

Report Name


Due Date / Cycle

Miscellaneous Reports

(Helper reports, used to create/update data for use in various required reports)

Data Field Mapping

This report is used to update data in a field when the options for the field have changed. Enter the name of the table and field followed by comma-delimited lists of the old and new data value mappings. For example, entering and old value list of "1,2,3" and a new value list of "A,B, C" will change the value in the field and table specified from "1" to "A", "2" to B" and "3" to "C" for all matching records. All values will be treated as text, so "01/01/2010" will not match "1/1/2010".


Historical Grade Update Script

This report allows you to identify, verify and update historical grade records that qualify as failing, based on the associated grade scale.


Historical Grades to Assessment Migration

This report locates historical grades and generates related assessment records. The report uses the relationships defined on the Assessment Course Associations page, accessed via Start Page > District Setup > Assessment Course Associations. These relationships must be defined and the appropriate fields populated before running the report. Also, all assessments from the previous years must be removed, in order to prevent duplicate assessments for different years, which will cause issues for the report.


Years In District UpdateNo longer reported.N/A

NY eScholar Extracts (State Reporting Platform) - SFTP

Assessment ACC MOD Fact Extract (SFTP)

The Assessment ACC MOD Fact extract contains one record for each assessment accommodation per student.

See for due dates.

Assessment Fact Extract (SFTP)

Assessment Fact holds a record for each assessment for each student. It records the name of the assessment, the overall score achieved on the assessment and the language in which it was administered.

See for due dates.

Attendance Codes (SFTP)

Provides a mapping of local attendance codes to state defined codes.

See for due dates.

Course Extract (SFTP)

The Course Extract provides data for all active courses per location.

See for due dates.

Course Instructor Assignment (SFTP)

The Course Instructor Assignment Extract provides data about teachers and their course assignments.

See for due dates.

Day Calendar Extract (SFTP)

Provides data relating to individual school calendars broken down by grade level.  365 days are reported for each unique calendar.

See for due dates.

Location Marking Period (SFTP)

The Location marking Period report generates a record for each NY Marking Period defined for each school and school year.

See for due dates.

Marking Period Code (SFTP)

This report provides District level Marking Period data.

See due dates.

Program Fact Extract (SFTP)

This extract contains transactional data, where each program service must be reported for each student per each school year. Programs are defined as attributes of a student that can change over time, with specific starting and ending dates. School level program services must be properly ended when the student leaves the school. A Beginning Date of 7/1/YYYY is reported if a program service is continued from a previous year.

See for due dates.

School Enrollment Extract (SFTP)

The School Enrollment Extract generates student enrollment and withdrawal transactions. The report includes entry and/or withdrawal information for any student who was enrolled at any point during the school year.

See for due dates.

Staff Student Course (SFTP)

This report includes a record for each student/teacher/course relationship during the school year.

See for due dates.

Student Class Entry Exit (SFTP)This report provides data related to student class enrollments.See for due dates.

Student Class Grade Detail (SFTP)

This report includes a record for each student grade record that corresponds to a NY Marking Period.

See for due dates.

Student Credit GPA (SFTP)

The Student Credit GPA Extract provides cumulative credit and GPA values on a per student basis.

See for due dates.

Student Daily Attendance (SFTP)

The Student Daily Attendance report generates attendance records for students who are absent, tardy or suspended from school.

See for due dates.

Student Lite Extract (SFTP)

The Student Lite Extract generates records containing demographic information for any student enrolled during the selected school year

See for due dates.

Summer Class Grade Detail (SFTP)

This report generates a record for each student grade record that corresponds to a NY Marking Period with a Term code of S – Summer School

See for due dates.

NY State Attendance Reports

Attendance Report Worksheet (SA-129)

This report includes attendance values for the following grade level groups: AM Kindergarten, PM Kindergarten, Full-Day Kindergarten – 3, 4 – 6, 7 – 8, and 9- 12.

Before running this report, verify that the current term at the top of the page is set to a term within the reporting school year. In addition, verify that the schools included in the report have two semester terms defined via Start Page > School Setup > Years and Terms. All calculations are dependent upon the dates entered for the Semester 1 and Semester 2 terms.

July 31 each year

SAMS - Claim Form A (AT-6)

This report includes attendance data for each of the 10 monthly sessions in a school year. Each attendance session ends on the last Friday of the month. The report includes details on opening enrollment, students who enrolled, left, or dropped out during the attendance session, and closing enrollment. Attendance calculations include tardies, unexcused absences, total absences, total attendance, and total possible attendance (membership). This report runs for the current school only, not district-wide.


School Safety and the Education Climate (SSEC)

SSEC Summary Data CollectionThe School Safety and the Education Climate (SSEC) Summary Data Collection Form collects data regarding violent or disruptive incidents, as well as incidents of, discrimination, harassment, bullying, and cyberbulling, is compiled to comply with New York State reporting requirements and to designate schools that are persistently dangerous. N/A
Unsupported Legacy Reports

Contact Extract (SFTP)

Generates records for adults contacts authorized to access student records using the state portal. The report includes the primary contact ID, state contact ID and demographic data.

See for due dates.

Staff Assignments (SFTP)

This report includes information for active staff members assigned to the role of Principal (PRN).

See for due dates.

Staff Assignment Extract ENYP

This report generates staff data required to request Engage New York Portal (ENYP) access records for school staff.

See for due dates.

Staff Snapshot (SFTP)

This report includes a record for each active staff member assigned to a valid course during the current school year.

See for due dates.

Student Contact Extract (SFTP)

This report includes a record for each student contact relationship that has been defined for any adult authorized to access student records via the state portal. The report includes student number, contact id and relationship code.

See for due dates.

SSEC Part 1: VADIR Summary Report

The VADIR Summary Report includes information about school safety derived from individual incidents, such as offenders, victims by type of incident, and aggregations of incidents.

The Disruptive Incident Reporting System (VADIR) gathers data on violent and disruptive incidents in schools. The information is used to comply with State and federal reporting requirements and to identify schools as persistently dangerous, as required by the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001.

This report is generated at each school on demand to track VADIR Incident data.

The due date for this submission is no sooner than the August following the close of the reported school year. The NY Commissioner determines the exact date annually.

SSEC Part 2: DASA Summary Form (Page 1)

The DASA Summary Report provides a summary of material incidents of harassment and discrimination as defined by the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA)

See due dates.
SSEC Part 2: DASA Summary Form (Page 2)A summary of material incidents of cyberbullying, as defined by the Dignity For All Students Act (DASA)See due dates.
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