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Alberta Reports in PowerSchool

PowerSchool for Alberta provides a wide variety of Alberta-specific reports. The table below lists these reports and includes the following elements:

  • Report Name – Name of the report as seen in PowerSchool.
  • Description – The purpose of the report.
  • Due Date / Cycle – The timeframe during which the report is submitted to the state.

Note: The terminology used in this section conforms to the PowerSchool product user interface. This section contains references to "state" and "state reporting" rather than "provincial."

Report NameDescriptionDue Date / Cycle
Diploma Exam Registrations (DER) Report (Obsolete)This report provides exam information for diploma exams taken by students. The report provides basic information for students enrolled in diploma exam courses that include the exam-writing center and the exam date. 
Diploma Exam Registrations (DER) Export (Obsolete)Run this export to view the DER information currently in PowerSchool. 
Diploma Exam Registrations (DER) (Obsolete)This import is used to import updated or changed files for Diploma Exam Registrations Export file into the PowerSchool database. 
English Language Arts (ELA) Audit (Obsolete)This report identifies students that have both GLA -English Language Arts and GLA-French Language Arts enrollments and sets the value for the ELA listing. 
Individual Program Planning (IPP) Information Report (Obsolete)This report identifies students who have GLA -English Language Arts, GLA-French Language Arts or GLA-Mathematics and IPP Met - Foundational Skills, IPP Met - Academic Readiness Skills, or IPP Met - Life Skills data selected in the Grade Level Achievement (GLA) report. 
Grade Level Achievement (GLA) Report (Obsolete)This report includes student progress in grade levels one through nine. The report results are a summary of a student's grade level achievement based on the current curriculum for a given subject. 
French Instruction Hours CalculationThis extract calculates student French instruction hours for the entire school year. 
French Instruction Hours ResetThis extract resets calculated and manual student French instruction hours to zero. 
French Instruction Hours Validation ProcessThis report is a process that validates if French instruction hours are required for a course and checks the sections to make sure that the French instruction hours are filled out. 
School Course Marks (SCM) Set Default Values (Obsolete)This report populates default values for Alberta-specific fields on the Sections and Student Course Enrollments (CC), if those values are currently not populated. 
School Course Marks (SCM) Validation Report (Obsolete)This report provides data validations for student course records while also updating the Completion and Funding Status of an enrollment, excluding manually entered marks. 
School Course Marks (SCM) Report (Obsolete)This report provides student course enrollment and marks data for submission to the Department of Education (DOE). 
Return Course Marks (RCM) Import File (Obsolete)The Alberta Data Import System is used to import updated information sent to the DOE in the SCM file. The DOE returns the Return Course Marks file with updated Earned Hours, Diploma Exam Mark, and Final Mark to be imported into the PowerSchool database. 
Career Technology Studies (CTS) Validation Report (Obsolete)This report provides validations for courses in the Career Technology Studies (CTS) curriculum while also updating the Completion and Funding Status of an enrollment, excluding manually entered marks. 
Student Information Systems (SIS) Report (Obsolete)This extract provides current registration status data for Fall and Spring. Once data is extracted and verified, submit the results to Client Relationship Services to publish exact submission on a yearly basis 
Confirm Student Registrations (CSR) Import File(Obsolete)The Alberta Data Import System is used to import updated information sent to the DOE in the SSR file. The DOE returns the Confirm Student Registrations file with updated Alberta Student Numbers to be imported into the PowerSchool database. 
Class Size Information Survey (CSIS) Report (Obsolete)This report can be run at both the district level and the school level. The report provides information on the number of students in each section by class and by school. 
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