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Diploma Exam Registrations (DER) Export (Obsolete)


Run this export to view the DER information currently in PowerSchool. The Diploma Exam Registration Export should be used as a template for the DER import. Choose the correct term at the top of the page before exporting DER data.

To generate the Diploma Exam Registrations Export, do the following:

  1. On the start page, click Reports. The Reports page appears.

  2. Click State Reports. The State Reports page appears.

  3. Click Alberta Diploma Exam Registrations Export. The Alberta Diploma Exam Registrations Export Report page appears. The upper portion of the page displays the report name, version number, description, and comments.

  4. There is no data entry for this report.

  5. Click Submit to generate the export report.

Export Elements

The Export file DER_Imp.TXT contains the following information.

Data Element


Max Length


Course Number




1 - 20

Tem ID



21 - 40

Term Name



41 - 60

DER Date



61 - 80

DER Center



81 - 100

Save DER Export File

  1. Save the file to your local system.

  2. Save the file with the file name - DER_Imp.txt

  3. Open the DER_Imp.txt file.

  4. If using the DER_Imp.txt file for DER import, make edits to the file as need to update the DER Exam Date and Testing Center.

  5. Save the file.

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