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Missouri On-Demand Reports

Missouri On-Demand Reports


MSIP5 Attendance Requirements

The MSIP5 Attendance Requirements Report tracks yearly progress towards the 2020 goal of 90% of students at 90% attendance. Based on the selected school and year, this report will take attendance data from the selected year and two previous years at the selected school to determine MISP5 status and progress points. This report can be run at the school or district level.

Attendance Hours Audit Report

Attendance hours provides detailed student attendance and absence data by grade level and residency status as shown on DESE Screen 14 - Attendance specific to MSIP/NCLB sections only. 

Attendance Hours by School and Grade Level Report

This report summarizes attendance hours for all students enrolled in the current school during the report date range, broken down by grade level and residency status.

Store Historic Attendance Information for A+

This process calculates and stores historic attendance information for grades 9-12 for use with A+ attendance calculations.

Student A+ Detail Extract

This report includes one record for every student in grades 9-12 currently enrolled in the school. The report can be run for a selection of students or all students.

Student A+ Status Sheet

This report summarizes student A+ information in a one student per page pdf document. The report can be run for a selection of students or all students.

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