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VA Academic Planner Setup

Within PowerSchool, you can record the courses that students have taken, are taking, or will take throughout their academic career.  This is called an Academic Plan. To record an Academic Plan for a student, you must first create an academic plan at the District Office, and then assign the student to the academic plan from the student's academic plan page.

Creating an Academic Plan

To create an academic plan:

  1. Navigate to Start Page > District Setup > Academic Plan Setup.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter a name and description for the academic plan.
  4. Select the academic plan you just created and enter further details such as Subject Area, Sort Order, SCED Subject Area, and Grade Level.
    • To define a subject area, Click New and enter a Name (e.g., English), Sort Order, and, if desired, SCED code (e.g., 01 - English Language Literature).
    • To define a grade level, Click New and enter a Level (e.g., 7), Name (e.g., Grade 7), and Sort Order.

Note: SCED codes are not required but can be used to narrow the course search for a subject. When adding a SCED code to a subject area, a single code or multiple codes can be selected.

Assign a Student to an Academic Plan

There are two ways to assign a student to an academic plan. You can assign a student individually or assign multiple students by group selection. (To assign an academic plan to a group of students, see Mass Assign Academic Plan.)

To assign an individual student to an academic plan:

  1. Navigate to State/Province – VA > Academic Plan.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Select a plan that has been created from the District Office.
    • To enter a course for the plan, click New for the desired grade level and enter the requested information.
    • To replace a course in the plan with a course from the student's schedule, click Override, and then choose the subject area and select the course.
    • To edit a course for the plan, click the course name and enter the requested information.

Note: For more detailed information on each field, see the Academic Plan section in Creating and Updating an Academic Plan.

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