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Oklahoma Start of Year Checklist

Use the following checklist to track your progress through the Start of Year tasks for Oklahoma State Reporting. Please see the PowerSchool Start of Year Guide for additional updates. For detailed setup information, click the applicable heading.

On this page:

District Setup

  • Partial Daily (AM/PM) Attendance Preference:

    • Verify Partial Daily Attendance is enabled.

  • Calendar Membership Types codes:

    • Verify that the following codes are set up:

      • IN = In Session

      • H = Holiday

      • PD = Professional Day

      • PT = Parent/Teacher Conference

      • EM = Emergency Out

      • DVL = Distance/Virtual Learning Day

      • LAED = Late Arrival/Early Dismissal

      • O = Other

  • Courses:

    • Verify alternate course number is set up.

  • Oklahoma State Information:

    • Verify Core Academic Course/Instructional Level is set up.

  • District Info:

    • Review NCES ID and other fields. 

    • Review Entry/Exit Codes.

    • Review Federal Ethnicity and Race settings.

  • School/School Info:

    • Review Calendar Info. 

  • Grades

    • Verify Grades are set up.

School Setup

  • Attendance Code Categories:

    • Ensure Attendance Code Categories are Excused, Unexcused, Suspension, SDA and OSSSIF.

Note: OSSSIF is a new attendance category recommended for the 2019-2020 school year. 

  • Attendance Codes:

    • Ensure HDA,FDA and FDP are set.

    • Verify Absent Attendance code is set to Excused or Unexcused.

Note: OSS is a new attendance code recommended by the state department for the 2019-2020 school year. 

  • Attendance Preferences:

    • Verify Meeting checkbox is selected.

  • Full-Time Equivalencies:

    • Review Default Attendance Mode and Conversion.

  • Bell Schedules:

    • Review counts for ADA.

    • Day part should be designated as AM/PM.

  • Calendar Setup:

    • Review schedule, in session, membership value, and type.

  • Verify Courses are set up.

  • Verify Periods are set up.

  • Verify Sections are set up.

  • Verify Years and Terms are set up.

  • Oklahoma State Information:

    • Review Medium of Instruction.

    • Review Location of Instruction.

  • Review CRDC-specific Sections Information. 

  • Review Oklahoma Career Technology Information. 

Staff Setup

  • Review Staff Information. 

  • Review Staff Assignments.

Student Setup

  • Review Demographics information. 

  • Review enrollment.

  • Review State/Province – OK > Oklahoma State Information:

    • Personal Information

    • Resident information

    • Transportation Information

    • Out-of-Home Placement (OHP)

    • Birth Information

    • Special Programs

    • Disability Information

    • Homeless Information

    • Home Language Survey

    • English Learner (EL) Information

    • IEPP – No longer needed

    • Neglected Delinquent

    • Military Student Identifiers (MSI)

  • Verify Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) information is updated.

  • Verify CTE information is updated. 

SIF Agent

  • Verify SIF Agent is connected to Wave.

  • Verify SIF Agent rollover for 2019-2020 is done.

  • Verify latest SIF Plugin is installed and restart the agent after doing so.

Calculation of AM/PM Attendance using Day Parts

For attendance, the Nightly Process calculates the number of potential minutes the student is scheduled to attend in a day. The Nightly Process also calculates the number of absent minutes, if any. The Attendance Register and Transportation Register run off the data generated by the Nightly Process.

The attendance calculation still uses the same AM and PM Rule for Oklahoma SDE, however, the method is different. The AM part and the PM part of the day are now user-defined on the bell schedule. Therefore, each bell schedule used by the school district must define the part of the day the periods belongs.

Two-Thirds Rule

The student must be present for more than two-thirds of the AM or PM part of the day to be considered present in that part of the day. The rule calculates as follows:

If present minutes are equal to or more than two-thirds of the total possible present minutes in the AM, the student is considered half-day present. For example, if a student was 100 minutes’ present out of 150 minutes in the AM, the student will be half-day present.

The calculation is repeated for PM minutes.

  • The AM/PM designation on the bell schedule must be set.

  • Refresh Attendance Views must be run to view new changes to attendance or bell schedule.

  • Calculates AM and PM independently from one another.

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