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Participants (2022-23) : Formerly (Pre-ID/MSU)


This version of the PreID/MSU (2022-23) report should be used for 2022-23 reporting.

The PreID Labels report is used to send student records so as to receive assessment test labels. The report generates a single label per test code selected, per student who qualifies, usually based on grade level. When run for the EOC test, the report may generate multiple EOCT labels per student. Note that the EOCT PreID Labels are no longer a separate report.

Selection Criteria

The PreID Labels report can be run for all active students or for a selection of students; the report will evaluate students per GA DOE rules, such as grade level, and only create an output record for those students who qualify for the particular test or tests. Students who qualify for multiple selected tests will return a record for each qualifying test.

Although a selection of students can be included in the report, it may be blank if none of the students qualify for the report. For example, a selection of 2nd-grade students will not qualify for the 3rd Grade Writing test.

Report Input

For help with navigation and running the report, see How to Find and Generate a Report.



Select Schools

Choose one of the following:

  • Current School Only – Includes all student records associated with the current school that meets selection criteria. To change the current school, click the School link at the top of the page and choose the appropriate school from the list.
  • All Schools – Includes all student records on the PowerSchool server that meet selection criteria.

Note: The All Schools option is only available when running the report from the District Office.

Current Selection Students

Run the report for the current selection of students or all students.

Date of test administration

Enter the test date in the format of MM/DD/YYYY. This value is used to select active students on this date. If a period is selected, this date will be used to determine the student's teacher on this date.

Test to be administered

Select the test to be administered.

Note: The test codes must be entered at the district level using the District Setup > Pre ID Test Codes page. See PreID Test Codes for more details.

Select Only Students in These Grades

Select the student grade levels to include in the report. Only students in these grade levels are included in the report output.

Note: Selecting only grade levels which do not match the requirements for selected test results in no records returned for that test. For example, selecting the 3rd-grade writing test while only selecting grade 9 here returns no records for the 3rd-grade writing test.

Report Period

Select the reporting period. The choice will output the value of 2 or 3 in the extract.

Select Period

The period is used to determine the teacher’s name to be included in each student’s record. Labels are sorted by teacher name, then student name. If no period is selected, the teacher's name will be left blank.

Note: The EOCT test labels will ignore the period input and use the teacher name associated with the student’s EOCT course instead.

Term List

Select the term(s). This choice determines which course enrollments will be considered for EOCT labels. The term list is ignored for tests other than EOCT.

Note: Select terms of the current school year to be considered along with the Date of Test Administration. This field is a multi-selection list. The report extracts students enrolled in the course based on both the date and selected term(s).

Example: A school offers a course that requires EOCT testing during S1, S2, and as a year-long course. The school wants to report students only taking the class during S1. When running the report, the administrator would select the Date of Test Administration and the Term S1. If no term is selected, then students from both S1 and the year-long sections are reported because only the Date of Test Administration is considered.

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Report Output

Each of the fields displayed in the output of the report are described below. See Understanding the Report Output Table for a definition of each column in the table.

This output excludes the courses if the alternate course number field is in the format: 40.X11XX for all grade level other than grade level 8.

It also excludes courses if the alternate course number field is in the format: 45.X81X4.


Data Element




Start & End Positions


System Code

The school system code. This is the district number in PowerSchool.






School Code

The school code.

Note: The alternate school number is extracted, if populated. Otherwise, the school number is extracted.





The student’s Georgia Testing Identifier.

The identification number used to uniquely identify the student throughout his/her public education years in the Georgia public school system.

PRL004Student Last Name

The student last name.

Note: Extracted from the Legal Last Name field, if populated.





Student First Name

The student’s first name. Only the first 50 characters are displayed in the report output.

Note: Extracted from the Legal First Name field, if populated.






Student Middle Initial

The student’s middle initial.

Note: Extracted from the Legal Middle Name field, if populated.





PRL007Student Gender

The student’s gender.

Note: Extracted from the Legal Gender field, if populated.

Valid values:

  • F - Female
  • M - Male



PRL008Student Date of BirthThe student’s date of birth.[Students]DOB8121128
PRL009Grade Level

The student’s grade level in which the student was currently enrolled in the current school year.

Note: Grade levels -1 and -2 are extracted as PK. Grade level 0 is extracted as KK.





SRC Code

Indicates student's primary area of disability.

See Special Education Primary Area for valid values.


  • If a student has a Special Education Exit Date but it is in the future, the SRC code is extracted for the student.
  • Students older than 10 as of September 1 cannot have a primary area of 8 - Significant Development Delay.
  • If SRC Code = "8", then Grade Level must be < "06" and test must be EOG



Indicates whether the student is an English Learner or has limited proficiency in English at the time of the test. Formerly known as ELL and LEP.

See EL Information Codes for valid values.





Section 504

Indicates whether the student qualifies for Section 504 at the time of the test.

Valid values:

  • Y - Yes
  • N - No






Indicates whether the student was enrolled in the Migrant Education Program at the time of the test.

Valid values:

  • Y - Yes
  • N - No
  • C - Continuation of Service
  • Note:



PRL014Ethnic HispanicIndicates whether the student is Hispanic or Latino. Not part of race indicators. Identifies Hispanic ethnicity[Students]Fedethnicity1135135


Race American Indian

Indicates whether the student is American Indian or Alaska Native. One of the five race indicators that can be set to yes or no for a student. More than one can apply






Race Asian

Indicates whether the student is Asian. One of the five race indicators that can be set to yes or no for a student. More than one can apply






Race Black

Indicates whether the student is African American. One of the five race indicators that can be set to yes or no for a student. More than one can apply






Race Pacific Islander

Indicates whether the student is New Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander. One of the five race indicators that can be set to yes or no for a student. More than one can apply






Race White

White - One of the five race indicators that can be set to yes or no for a student. More than one can apply.




PRL020Course Number

For EOC:

Course Number for the assessment the student should take for the EOC admin. Must contain the correct number of numerical digits (10) to the right of the decimal (including zeroes).

Note: Required if Test ID is 12. Course number is blank for all other Test IDs.

Note: If the test ID is EOG and the course is Physical Science for grade 8, then the course number with the pattern "40_1100%" is included in the report.

The "_" and "%" define numbers and the "_" can represent multiple digits.

PRL021Teacher Last NameThe teacher’s last name. Only the first 50 characters are displayed in the report output.


[SchoolStaff]ID = [Sections]Teacher

PRL022Teacher First NameThe teacher’s first name. Only the first 50 characters are displayed in the report output.


[SchoolStaff]ID = [Sections]Teacher

PRL023Test ID

The test code for the test selected at report run time.

Valid values:

  • EOC
  • EOG

Note: For Test IDs 12 and 13, the report output displays EOC and EOG respectively. If the Test ID is EOC, “Purpose for Taking EOC” cannot be blank.

PRL024Purpose for Taking EOC

The reason for taking the EOC test.

Note: If Test ID is 12, Purpose for Taking EOC cannot be blank.

Valid values: (EOC only)

  • 1 - Completion of course
  • 2 - Makeup from previous administration
  • 3 - Retest
  • 4 - Test-Out
  • 5 - Validation of credit

Valid values: (EOG only)

  • Blank

Note: Must be blank if Test ID = EOG





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