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Virginia Reports in PowerSchool

PowerSchool for Virginia provides a wide variety of Virginia-specific reports. The table below lists these reports by report type.

Tip: Click a report name link to go to that report section.

Report Name
Student Record Collection Extracts
Student Record Collection – Fall
Student Record Collection – Spring
Student Record Collection – EOY
Student Record Collection – Summer
Student Record Collection – Special Ed (Dec 1)
Student Record Collection - EIMS
Virginia State Reporting Extracts
Enrollment Data Extract
Master Schedule Collection
Career and Technical Education Credential Collection (CTECC)
Miscellaneous Statistics
6-12 English Enrollment
SOL Student Registration Import
SOL Student Data Upload
VAAP, VSEP Student Data Upload
Virginia Individual Student Reports
VA Student Transcript
Student Attendance Summary - RE
Verified Credit Graduation Progress Report
SOL Substitute Test Results Extract
Local Division Reporting
Absentee Report - RE
VA Ethnicity and Race Code Updater
Attendance Summary by Grade Report - RE
Principal’s Report to Superintendent
Verified Credits Update Report
SOL Graduation Status Update Report
Verification Reports
SOL SRI Exclusion Verification Report
Individual Student Record Collection Verification Report - RE
Course By Year Migration Validation
Legacy Reports
SOL Student Data Upload
Master Schedule Collection - RE
VGLA, VAAP, VSEP Student Data Upload
Student Attendance Summary - RE
Student Transcripts Report – RE
Export Historical Grades - RE
Discipline, Crime and Violence Extract
Discipline, Crime, and Violence Verification Report - RE
Miscellaneous Reports
Academic Planner
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