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Legacy Reports

Report Descriptions

Following is a description of the Legacy reports available in PowerSchool. These reports remain available for local use only as requirement changes are maintained in the non-Legacy reporting version.  For detailed information about a particular report, such as the input required and the resulting report output, click the report name link.

Report Name
SOL Student Data UploadThis report creates the Student Data Upload file for the Writing and Non-Writing Test Administrations of the VA Standards of Learning Programs.
Master Schedule Collection - REGenerates the Master Schedule Collection to satisfy federal assurances including the reporting of Student Growth Data. In addition it will provide data that was previously collected through IPAL and CEDC. The MSC also incorporates enrollment reporting of nontraditional students in designated Career and Technical Education classes. Written in Reporting Engine (RE) Platform.
VGLA, VAAP, VSEP Student Data UploadThis report creates the Student Data Upload file for the Virginia Alternate and Alternative Assessments Program.
Student Attendance Summary - REThis report is used to add and/or update attendance into the Student Attendance Summary Table based on Attendance Setup, Attendance Tracking and Notification Setup and each student's attendance.
Student Transcripts Report – REThis report generates Student Transcripts for the students.
Export Historical Grades - REExports all historical grades in PowerSchool into a tab delimited text file. To be used in conjunction with the verified credit report.
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