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Student Attendance Summary

*Note: This report is no longer required to report attendance on the VA State Transcript report.  Attendance for the VA State Transcript report is now calculated using the PowerSchool attendance views which is managed by the standard PowerSchool Attendance Configuration for each school.


A student's total attendance for each year is required to be reported on the Student Transcript and is dependent on the attendance data that is kept in the StudentSummaryAttendance table. The data is this table is populated when the Student Attendance Summary Report is run. Below is a list of attendance refresh and Attendance Tracking and Notification Reports that must be run before running the Student Attendance Summary Report.

Step 1 - At each School the Refresh Premier Attendance Views Data Report will need to be run. This report is run during the nightly process. However, if running a transcript during the day after attendance has been taken then the 'refresh' will need to be applied. From the start page Special Functions > Attendance Functions > Refresh Premier Attendance Views Data.

Important: This report must be run at the School Level only.

Step 2 - Refresh Attendance Tracking Data Report (ATN) - This report refreshes Attendance Tracking and Notification (ATN) which calculates unexcused absences. This needs to be completed because the unexcused field in the Student Attendance Summary table is dependent on it. The report is located at System Reports > System tab > Attendance Tracking and Notification Header > Refresh Attendance Tracking Data.

Important: This report must be run at the District Level only.

Step 3: Student Attendance Summary- run this report before you print out a transcript after you have completed steps 1 and 2. The Student Attendance Summary table holds the final attendance values for attendance and is not auto-populated, therefore there is a need to run the report before running the VA State Transcript-PDF.

Important: This report may be run at the School or District Level.

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