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Additional District Setup for Parent Guardian Contacts

The following setup is required for publishing the K12 Student > Parent Guardian resource via PowerSchool Data Exchange (DEX) to the state Operational Data Store (ODS).

Codesets Mapping

This setup is required for the publishing of the K12 Student > Parent Guardian resource. For details refer to the Parent Guardian resource page.


Map the MDE Person Relationship Type values in the Reported Value column. The valid values are:

  • Parent - Parent

  • Grandparent - Grandparent

  • GreatGrandparent - Great grandparent

  • CourtAppointedGuardian - Court appointed guardian

  • AgencyRepresentative - Agency representative

  • Unknown - Unknown


Map the MDE Telephone Number Type values in the Reported Value column. The valid values are:

  • Home - Home phone number

  • Work - Work phone number

  • Mobile - Mobile phone number

  • Fax - Fax number

  • Other - Other


Map the MDE State Abbreviations in the Reported Value column. For valid values, refer to State Abbreviation list in the Appendix.

Steps to update the Reported Value of the Code Sets for state reporting:

  1. Under System Management, Data, click Code Sets.
    Classic Navigation: District Setup, Code Sets

  2. In the Code Sets list, select the code set you want. For example, select Relationship.

  3. Under Action, click Edit. The drawer appears.

  4. In the Reported Value field, enter the value required for state reporting.

  5. Click Submit.

  6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 until all code sets are updated.

If a code set does NOT have a reported value then it will not be published to the state.

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