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Managing Multiple Student Names

The UI is changed to have a separate section for Names and Identification Information. The Names section contains the preferred name, legal, name, and all other possible names of the selected student. The legal name and the identification information are linked to each other. Therefore, the Identification Information section contains the date of birth and document information associated with the legal name.

From the Start Page, select a student and open the Compliance Demographics tab.

For information about how the names are populated from PASI, refer to the Alberta Information section on the District Setup page.

Editing a Legal Name

Users can expand the list under the Names sections to display all the names. The names can be edited only if the list is expanded.

  1. Click Edit under the Action column to edit a name.

  2. Edit the legal name and document information changes as required.

When editing a preferred name or other name, there is no associated document information.

If the word Original is present next to a name, it indicates that the name cannot be changed after 30 days. To edit after 30 days, users need to contact PASI.

Adding a New Legal Name

  1. To add a new legal name, click the + icon on the top right of the Names section.

  2. Enter the first name, last name, and other information, and select the Legal checkbox.

  3. Enter all the required document information.

  4. Click Submit.

To add a preferred name or other name, document information is not required.

Editing Identification Information

If the user edits the identification information, it indicates changes are being made to the document information.

  1. Click Edit on the bottom right corner of the Identification Information section.

  2. Edit the birth date and documentation information as required.

  3. Click Confirm.  

When a user clicks on PASI Student Profile, there is no change to the data that is displayed.

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