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Enrolling a New Student and Assigning ASN


Some school authorities enroll the student in PowerSchool and then assign an Alberta Student Number (ASN). Other school authorities use the ASN as the student number in PowerSchool. Therefore, the ASN number must be available prior to enrolling the student. PASI Direct Connect supports both workflows, which are described in the following sections.

Important: Once an ASN has been assigned to a student the ASN Lookup button is no longer available. See Reassigning an Alberta Student Number (ASN) below for instructions to resolve an incorrectly assigned ASN.

Enrolling a New Student (Recommended)

The following is the recommended workflow for enrolling students. These steps can be performed within PowerSchool.

  1. Enroll the student into a school in PowerSchool.
  2. Go to the State/Province – AB page and enter the student's demographic information.
  3. Click ASN Lookup to search for the student in PASI. Refer to the PASI Student Lookup section.
  4. Do one of the following:
    1. If a match is found, enter the student's ASN in PowerSchool.
    2. If no match is found that means the student does not exist in PASI. Add the student to PASI and generate an ASN, then enter the ASN in PowerSchool, use the Creating a Student and an ASN in PASI process.

Enrolling a New Student (Alternate)

The following is the alternate workflow used by some schools for enrolling students. All of these steps can be performed within PowerSchool.

  1. For informational purposes, search for the student in PASI to determine if they already exist in the Alberta database. Use the Find Student process.
  2. Search for the student's Alberta Student Number (ASN) in PASI. Use the Find Student ASN process
  3. If the student does not exist in PASI, add the student to PASI and generate an ASN, then enter the ASN in PowerSchool. Use the Add Student to PASI and Generate ASN process.
  4. Enroll the student into a school in PowerSchool with the ASN as the Student Number.
  5. Go to the State/Province – AB page and enter the student's ASN and other demographic information in PowerSchool.

Important: If a student is enrolled in the wrong school or incorrect school year you must transfer the student out of school and create a new school enrollment with the correct information.

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Changing the School of a Pre-Registered Student

There is a constraint within PASI that does not allow users to change the school of an enrolment record. As a result, the enrolment must be canceled, and a new record created for the correct school. The following is the correct procedure to change the school of a Pre-Registered Student.

As of January 31, 2019, PowerSchool no longer sends Exit Codes to PASI. Optionally, you can continue to add the codes for tracking purposes. Also as of January 31st, PowerSchool submits Exit Dates immediately.

  1. Select a pre-registered student who has an Alberta Student Number (ASN) and is synchronized with PASI).
  2. With the student selected, under Enrollment click Transfer Info.
  3. Under Current Enrollment, click the date link and change the Exit Date to match the Entry Date.
  4. Select an Exit Code from the pop-up menu.
  5. Click Submit.
    • Completion of steps 1-5 sets the student record to Transferred Out status in PowerSchool and sends a Registration Type of Cancelled to PASI.
  6. Under Enrollment click Functions.
  7. Click Transfer To Another School and select the school from the pop-up menu.
  8. Click Submit.
  9. Switch to the school which the student was transferred and select the student.
  10. Under Enrollment click Functions.
  11. Click Re-Enroll In School.and enter the student's information
  12. Click Submit.
The student will be Pre-Registered in the correct school in PowerSchool. In PASI the student will have a Registration Type of Registered in the correct school.
The Previous Enrollment can be deleted from PowerSchool if it is deemed unnecessary to have a no show record in the system; however it may also remain for tracking purposes if desired. Whether to delete or keep the Previous Enrollment can be decided on a school by school biases, either option is valid.

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Reassigning an Alberta Student Number (ASN)

When trying to update a student with an Alberta Student Number (ASN) that already exists in the system, the message Duplicate State Student Number found is returned. If the record associated to the ASN is incorrect the following is the workflow used for reassigning an Alberta Student Number (ASN) on a student. These steps can be performed within PowerSchool.

  1. Make a note of the duplicate ASN.
  2. From the Start Page click System.
  3. Under Data Management click Direct Database Export (DDE)
  4. From this page switch to Direct Database Access (DDA)
  5. In the the Current Table pop-up menu, select Students (1).
  6. Under Search Students select State_StudentNumber from the pop-menu
  7. In the field next to State_StudentNumber, enter the ASN.
  8. Click Search all records in this table, and then click Table View to confirm that the result is the correct student.
  9. In the navigation breadcrumbs at the top of the page, click Direct Database Access (DDA),and then click Modify Records.
  10. Select State_StudentNumber from the pop-up menu and leave the field blank (this removes the ASN from this student record).
  11. Click Modify Selected Records.

The student record will no longer be associated to the ASN that was removed and the correct student record can now be updated with the ASN from PASI, without receiving a duplicate warning.

Important: If this is caught early, the invalid student can be deleted from PowerSchool, which will also remove the ASN association.

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Creating a Previous Enrollment

The following is the workflow used for previous enrollment for a student. Use this function to create a previous school enrollment that was missed for a student. These steps can be performed within PowerSchool. This data will synchronize with PASI.

  1. Select the student
  2. Change the Term to the year of the enrollment.
  3. Under Enrollment, click Functions.
  4. Click Create Previous School Enrollment.
  5. Enter the desired information.
  6. Click Submit.

Note: You cannot create an enrollment outside the currently selected term at the chosen school.

The School of Attendance pop-up menu provides a list of the schools in the district if the previous enrollment was not taken at the student's current school.

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Previous Enrollment Status

Valid registration status' in PowerSchool are:

  1. Active
  2. Completed
  3. Withdrawn
  4. Cancelled

For a school enrollment to send an active registration status to PASI for a previous enrollment, the Exit Code must be blank (null).

Excluding a Student from Provincial Reporting

The Exclude from State Reporting checkbox is only available for Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) students, as only Pre-K students can be excluded from Provincial reporting. Events on a Pre-K student record are discarded if they have a blank (null) ASN and the Exclude from State Reporting checkbox (in the Miscellaneous section) is selected on the Compliance Demographics page.

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