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Using PASI Direct Connect

This section describes the main functions of PASI Direct Connect.

  • Look up students in PASI by ASN or personal information and view their details.
  • Create a student in PASI and get a new Alberta Student Number (ASN).
  • Register a student in PowerSchool and assign an ASN.
  • Synchronize student and school enrolment data between PowerSchool and PASI.
  • Work with core alerts from PASI, conflicts on data in PowerSchool, and rejections and failures data submissions.

PASI Direct Connect provides special functions to interact with PASI directly from PowerSchool.

From the student context on the State/Province page (recommended):

  • ASN Lookup
  • PASI Student Profile
  • Core Alerts
  • Force Sync

Note: The State/Province page has significant changes to work with PASI directly.

From the school context on the Special Functions page (alternate):

Alberta PASI DEM/ENR Functions

  • Student Lookup
  • Demographic/Enrolment Core Alerts
  • Manage School Enrollments

Alberta PASI DER Functions

  • Manage Diploma Exam Sittings
  • Manage Diploma Exam Registration
  • Mass Diploma Exam Registration
  • Update Sections Diploma Exam Date
  • View Available Diploma Exams
  • Diploma Exam Registration Status
  • Diploma Exam Marks/Sittings Core Alerts

Alberta PASI SCM Functions

  • Manager School Course Marks
  • Course/Evaluated Marks Core Alerts
  • Course/Evaluated Marks Approval

Alberta PASI Data Validations

  • School Terms Validations
  • Course Validations
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