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Courses By Year Migration Validation


Report Description

Reports non-compliant data in CoursesByYear that was unable to be properly migrated into S_VA_CBY_X. 

Note: Recommended to run after EOY archiving of Courses data has been completed.

Selection Criteria

This report has no selection criteria.

Report Input

This report has no report parameters.

Report Output

Use the output to determine if any further data entry needs to be done to correct migration failures.

Important Note: This report does NOT change any data.

Item #Data ElementDescription[Table]FieldName
1SchoolId The school's ID number[Schools]School_Number
2YearId The school year ID (e.g. 27=2017)[Schools]YearID
3COURSESBYYEAR.fieldnameIdentifies the source field name in the CoursesByYear clob custom field[COURSESBYYEAR]fieldname
4S_VA_CBY_X.fieldnameIdentifies the destination field name in the S_VA_CBY_X table. [S_VA_CBY_X]fieldname
5CoursesByYearId The ID column corresponding to Courses By Year ID and S_VA_CBY_X's Courses By Year ID.[COURSESBYYEAR]ID and [S_VA_CBY_X]COURSESBYYEARID
6Course_Number The course number in the CourseByYear table.[COURSESBYYEAR]Course_Number
7Course_NameThe course name in the CourseByYear table.[COURSESBYYEAR]Course_Name (old)This clob data from CoursesByYear is non-compliant in some way (e.g. too long to fit in the S_VA_CBY_X field).[COURSESBYYEAR]data

Truncated data

(by migration script)

The data placed into S_VA_CBY_X by the successful execution of the repoSchemaupdate process.[S_VA_CBY_X]data
10Current S_VA_CBY_X.dataThe data currently stored in S_VA_CBY_X. It may be different from the truncated migrated data if you have manually changed the record.[S_VA_CBY_X]data

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