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Additional District Setup for Calendars

The following setup is required for publishing the K12 Organization > Calendar resource via PowerSchool Data Exchange (DEX) to the state Operational Data Store (ODS).

Calendar Membership Type Setup

This setup is required for the publishing of the K12 Organization > Calendar resource. For details refer to K12 Organization > Calendar.

Navigation: District Setup, Calendar Membership Type.

Add the following code set to the Calendar Membership Type:

  • ED - Emergency Day

  • H - Holiday *

  • IN - Instructional Day *

  • O - Other

  • ST - Strike

  • LAED - Late Arrival Early Dismissal

  • TD - Teacher Only Day

  • PD - Professional Development Day

If you change a code on the Calendar Membership Type then you must update the corresponding values on the school's calendar. By default, PowerSchool has H=Holiday and IN=In Session.

District Calendar Setup

All districts must set up a district calendar for reporting to the state. This is required for the 2024-2025 school year. PowerSchool recommends that you set it up for testing in the 2023-2024 school year.

The district calendar must be defined using the following naming convention:

<district number> + <space> + “State Reporting”.

For example, if your district number is 1234, then the district calendar must be 1234 State Reporting.

Steps to create a district calendar for state reporting:

  1. Under District Management, Scheduling, click on District Calendars.
    Classic Navigation: District Setup, Calendar, District Calendars.

  2. Click on the new calendar button.

  3. Enter the Calendar Name using the naming convention above. This is required so that the system can identify which calendar to publish to the state.

  4. Enter a calendar description.

  5. Enter a start and end date.

  6. Click Submit.

  7. Now click the calendar name. Multiple tabs display.

  8. Use the Automated Calendar Setup tab or the Days tab to set up the actual calendar date, cycle day, bell schedule, and other required setup for your district-level calendar.

If you are a charter school then you must set up a calendar for each district. Repeat the steps above for the number of districts you support.

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