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Update Stored Class Rank and GPA Data

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This report copies and stores Class Rank and GPA data for selected students from the PowerSchool core Class Rank table to the Iowa State extended fields in order to preserve official rank information for use with the Iowa eTranscript. The report also supports the ability to delete stored Class Rank and GPA data. The current values for the Weighted and Non-weighted GPA Methods specified in Schools/School Info for the student’s current or most recent reportable school are used to identify the Rank and GPA data to store and/or delete. The values copied from the Class Rank table are available for review in the Class Rank/GPA tab of the State/Province IA page. Overrides to these calculated fields are also available and can be imported for schools that do not use the PowerSchool Class Rank feature.

Selection Criteria

This report does not have selection criteria defined.

Report Input

For help with report navigation and generation, see Generate Reports.



Select Schools*

If run at the district level, choose one of the following:

  • Select Multiple Schools – Select schools to include in the report. To select a single school, click that school. To select multiple schools, use Ctrl+Click and select each school to be included.
  • All Schools – Run the report for the entire district.

If run at the school level, the report includes all records associated with the current school that meet the selection criteria. To change the current school, click School at the top of the page and choose the appropriate school from the list.

Students to include*

Select one of the following:

  • The Selected [Number] Students Only – Run the report for students in the current selection.
  • All Students – Run the report for all students in the current school or district that meet the selection criteria.

If running the report for a single student, or group of students, select the students prior to running the report.

Action to Take*

Choose the action:

  • Store New Rank/GPA Data
  • Delete Stored Rank/GPA Data
  • Report Only
GPA/Rank Type*

Choose the data to copy from the following (applies only when data is stored or deleted):

  • Both Non-weighted and Weighted GPA/Rank
  • Non-weighted GPA/Rank only
  • Weighted GPA/Rank only
Rank/GPA Overrides*

Choose which override values to delete (applies only when data is deleted):

  • Delete Non-Weighted Overrides
  • Delete Weighted Overrides
  • Delete Both
Output Type

Select the output file format:

  • PDF
  • CSV

Run Now

Select this option if the user wants to run the report immediately.


Select this option if the user wants to run this report on a scheduled basis. Once this option is selected the following choices are:

  • Run Once
    • Start Date and Start Time to run the report.
  • Repeat
    • Select Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly for the appropriate re-occurrence for running the report.
      • If Daily is selected, check the Weekdays only box to limit to weekdays.
      • If Weekly is selected, check which weekday to run the report.
      • If Monthly is selected, check the month to run the report.
      • If Yearly is selected, select either the date or the weekday to run the report.
  • Date Range – Select No End Date or a date that the re-occurrence should end

Report Output

Each of the fields displayed in the output of the report is described below. See Understanding the Report Output Table for a definition of each column in the table.

This report outputs a PDf and CSV file.

ItemData ElementDescription[Table]FieldName
AStudents name

The student's first, middle, and last name.




BLocal IDThe student's local ID number.[Students]Student_Number
CState ID

The student’s state-assigned identifier

DGradeThe student's current grade level.[Students]Grade_Level

The student's gender.

Valid values:

  • Female (F)
  • Male (M)
  • Non Binary (X)
FSchool NumberThe school number.[Schools]School_Number
GSchool NameThe school name.[Schools]Name

Non-Weighted Rank/GPA



Ovr Nwgt Class Size

The override for the non-weighted class size.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Ovr_Nwgt_Class_Size
IOvr Nwgt GPA The override for the non-weighted cumulative GPA.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Ovr_Nwgt_GPA
JOvr Nwgt RankThe override for the non-weighted class rank.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Ovr_Nwgt_Rank

Ovr Nwgt Rank Date

The override for the non-weighted rank date.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Ovr_Nwgt_Rank_Date
LOvr Nwgt SchoolThe override for the non-weighted rank school.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Ovr_Nwgt_Rank_Sch
MOvr Nwgt Date EnteredThe date the override for the Non-weighted Rank date entered.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Ovr_Nwgt_Date

Stored Ranks


Stored Non-Wgt Rank

The Stored Ranks non-weighted class rank.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Nwgt_Rank
OStored Non-Wgt Class SizeThe Stored Ranks non-weighted class size.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Nwgt_Class_Size
PStored Non-Wgt GPAThe Stored Ranks non-weighted cumulative GPA.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Nwgt_GPA
QStored Non-Wgt Rank DateThe Stored Ranks non-weighted rank date.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Nwgt_Rank_Date

Stored Non-Wgt School

The Stored Ranks non-weighted rank school.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Nwgt_Rank_Sch

Stored Non-Wgt Date Copied

The date when the Stored Rank non-weighted rank data was stored.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Nwgt_Date

Current Rank


Current Non-Wgt Rank

The Current Rank non-weighted class rank.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Nwgt_Rank
UCurrent Non-Wgt Class SizeThe Current Rank non-weighted class Size.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Nwgt_Class_Size
VCurrent Non-Wgt Cumulative GPAThe Current Rank non-weighted Cumulative GPA.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Nwgt_GPA
WCurrent Non-Wgt Rank DateThe Current Rank non-weighted Rank date.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Nwgt_Rank_Date
XCurrent Non-Wgt SchoolThe Current Rank non-weighted Rank school.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Nwgt_Rank_Sch

Weighted Rank/GPA



Ovr Wgt Class Size

The override for the weighted class size.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Ovr_Wgt_Class_Size
ZOvr Wgt GPAThe override for the weighted cumulative GPA.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Ovr_Wgt_GPA
AAOvr Wgt RankThe override for the weighted class eank.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Ovr_Wgt_Rank
ABOvr Wgt Rank DateThe override for the weighted rank date.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Ovr_Wgt_Rank_Date
ACOvr Wgt SchoolThe override for the eighted rank school.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Ovr_Wgt_Rank_Sch
ADOvr Wgt Date EnteredThe date when the override for weighted rank data was stored. [S_ IA_STU_RANK]Ovr_Wgt_Date

Stored Ranks

AEWgt RankThe Stored Ranks weighted class rank.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Wgt_Rank
AFWgt Class SizeThe Stored Ranks weighted cass size.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Wgt_Class_Size
AGWgt Cumulative GPAThe Stored Ranks weighted cumulative GPA.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Wgt_GPA
AHWgt Rank DateThe Stored Ranks weighted rank date.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Wgt_Date
AIWgt SchoolThe Stored Ranks weighted rank school.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Wgt_Rank_Sch
AIWgt Date CopiedThe date the Stored Ranks weighted rank data was stored.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Wgt_Date

Current Rank

AKCR Wgt RankThe Current Rank weighted class rank.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Wgt_Rank
ALCR Wgt Class SizeThe Current Rank Weighted Class size.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Wgt_Class_Size
AMCR Wgt Cumulative GPAThe Current Rank Weighted Cumulative GPA.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Wgt_GPA
ANCR Wgt DateThe Current Rank Weighted Rank date.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Wgt_Date
AOCR Wgt SchoolThe Current Rank Weighted Rank school.[S_ IA_STU_RANK]Wgt_Rank_Sch
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