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Course Enrollment Details


The Refresh FTE Segments report gathers section information based on the student's course enrollments. In Georgia, most students are enrolled in a 6-course standard schedule. Each course is considered a course segment. The number of courses determines the number of segments for the student, which is important for later FTE calculation.

Using the [Sections]ID the information in the following table is gathered on a per student basis.

Course Enrollment Details Table

Data Element



Course Number

The course number.


Gifted Delivery Model (GDM)

The gifted delivery model value, if the third digit of the course number is 2.


Section Location of Enrollment (LOE)

The location of enrollment value for the section record, if populated. Otherwise, the value is set to X, which indicates that section LOE is blank.


Course Location of Enrollment (LOE)

The location of enrollment for the course, if the section LOE is set to X. If the course value is blank, then the value remains X.


 Note: In the FTE Method calculation, the Section values take precedence over the Course values.

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