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FTE Method

The Georgia FTE Method is a PLSQL Procedure that contains the logic to generate the FTE Cycle Program Codes and the related segment detail from the student's course schedule. This logic is used in the Refresh FTE Segments report and the results of the method are returned in this report.

The Refresh FTE Segments report must be run before each FTE reporting cycle so current information is gathered and stored for use by the FTE October/March report.

The data created by the Refresh FTE Segments report is stored in the S_GA_STU_FTE_X database extension table and displayed on the student FTE Segments Information page. The FTE October/March report references the data directly from this extended table.

Generating FTE Cycle Program Codes

The process for generating FTE Cycle Program Codes and the related segment detail is comprised of five steps, outlined in this document.

  1. Gather each student's personal and course enrollment data to determine the number of course segments for the student.
  2. Evaluate the student's course enrollments for course "family" type to determine the category and associated details for each segment.
  3. Count and limit the number of program codes for each student to 6.
  4. Sort Program codes in a specific order along with associated segment detail.
  5. Save results to the database for use by the FTE Segment Information page and the FTE October/March report.

In PowerSchool, navigate to Reports > State Reports to run the Refresh FTE Segments report. The report selects students that qualify for the FTE Cycle (October Cycle 1 or March Cycle 3) and begins processing. Each student's applicable data is gathered from the database.

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