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Student Data Filter

The Student Data Filter allows student data to be filtered and applied to the following SIF Data Objects: StudentPersonal, StudentSnapshot, StudentSchoolEnrollment, StudentSectionEnrollment, StudentAttendanceSummary, StudentAcademicRecord, StudentContact, StudentContactPersonal and StudentContactRelationship.

The Student Data Filter settings can be viewed or modified for default settings, zone group setting or zone specific settings via File > Agent Settings > Default Settings, Zone > Zone Group Settings or Zone > Zone Settings.

Data Filtering Options

Data filtering options include the following student record types:
Note: By default, Active student records are returned for every record request, and the following filter options are selected: Inactive Records, Transferred Out, and Pre-Enrolled/Undefined—the first three options in the list of Student Data Filters.

    • Inactive Records
    • Transferred Out
    • Pre-Enrolled / Undefined
    • Imported as Historical Students
    • Historical Enrolled Students
      • Graduated (a sub-filter available only when the Historical Enrolled Students filter is selected).

SIF Data Objects to which Student Data Filter(s) Are Applied

Selected filters apply to the following objects:

    • StudentPersonal
    • StudentSnapshot
    • StudentSchoolEnrollment
    • StudentSectionEnrollment
    • StudentAttendanceSummary
    • StudentContact
    • StudentContactPersonal
    • StudentContactRelationship
    • StudentAcademicRecord


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