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PowerSchool SIF Agent

The PowerSchool SIF Agent is a middleware component that enables real-time data exchange between the PowerSchool student management system and applications that support the Schools Interoperability Framework. The Agent communicates with a Zone Integration Server (ZIS), the central messaging hub in the SIF architecture, to report changes in PowerSchool records and to respond to requests for information from SIF-enabled applications.


  • SIF 2.7 Certified - Supports all versions of SIF 1.0r1 to 2.7.
  • Works in SIF environments where multiple versions of the Schools Interoperability Framework are in use. The Agent automatically adjusts the way it performs depending on the version of messages received from the Zone.
  • Scalable - Supports multiple zones for centralized deployment. The Agent can connect to as many zones as necessary from a single server, limited only by available memory, processor speed, and network bandwidth.
  • Configurable - Numerous configuration options, including the mapping between PowerSchool fields and SIF Data Object fields, can be customized to meet the specific needs of your district. Most aspects of the Agent can be configured on a zone-by-zone and SIF version-by-version basis to accommodate the unique integration requirements of each SIF Zone.
  • Reliable - The Agent can be installed as a Windows Service for uninterrupted operation on Windows platforms. In addition, it will automatically recover when the connection to the Zone Integration Server or PowerSchool database is broken.
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