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Configuration Overview

Agent configuration is an important step in the deployment of SIF Zones. The PowerSchool SIF Agent is highly customizable, designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding SIF integration project. Configuration choices made for the Agent depend to a large extent on the requirements and capabilities of other SIF Agents in use at the district. You may need to revisit the Agent's configuration when deploying new Agents that subscribe to the SIF Data Objects published by PowerSchool.

This section covers the basic configuration tasks that are mandatory for the successful operation of the Agent. Depending on the other SIF-enabled applications at the district, you may need to perform additional customization tasks.

Configuration of the PowerSchool Agent involves the following tasks:

  • PowerSchool Configuration:
    • Select the PowerSchool SIF Agent from the "Select Active Agent" page within the PowerSchool application.
  • Zone Configuration:
    • Add each zone to the Agent.
    • Adjust global and zone-by-zone settings as needed.


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