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Importing Certificates for HTTPS

  1. Choose Agent Settings from the File menu.
  2. Choose Transports.
  3. Choose the HTTPS protocol from the drop-down list.
  4. Select the HTTPS tab.
  5. Default settings for the HTTPS configuration are:
    • Port: 60033
    • Keystore: Agent.ks
    • Truststore: Trusted.ks
    • Require Client Certification: Unchecked
  6. Click the Certificate Manager button.

This dialog box shows the Agent Certificate in the Agent.ks file. The Server Certificates tab lists the trusted Zone Integration Server certificates that are stored in the Agent's Trusted.ks file. You can use the Import and Delete buttons on this dialog box to manually import digital certificates.

Agent Certificate

An agent certificate is only needed when the PowerSchool SIF Agent will be used in Push mode over HTTPS or when using Client Authentication.  It is required that this certificate be a key pair with the public and private keys.  It may be best to import the key pair though another tool and put the values into the Agent.ks file.  There should only be one Agent Certificate.

Server Certificates

The public key certificate for any ZIS that the agent is connecting to needs to be loaded into the Server Certificates section.  This can be done by clicking the Import button on the Server Certificates page of the Certificate Manager (shown in the previous section).
Follow these steps:

  1. Using the tools provided by your Zone Integration Server product, export its digital certificate to a file. This file will be imported into the PowerSchool Agent so that the server is trusted when establishing a connection.
  2. Start the Agent if not already running.
  3. Click on the PowerSchool SIF Agent logo on the system tray to open the Console.
  4. Choose Agent Settings from the File menu.
  5. Click on the Transports node in the tree, then select the HTTPS protocol from the drop-down list.
  6. Click the Certificate Manager button.
  7. Click the Server Certificates tab to display the Zone Integration Server certificates trusted by the PowerSchool Agent. To import your ZIS certificate, click the Import… button and browse to the certificate file. Click OK to save your changes. The PowerSchool Agent is now configured to trust the certificate of your Zone Integration Server.
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