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Set Up Data

This section describes some of the data clean up that is required before doing data synchronization.

Performing Basic Data Clean-up

PASI Direct Connect is very sensitive to data, and real-time electronic data interchange between PowerSchool and PASI is the main purpose of this system. Therefore, it becomes imperative that school authorities have clean data to minimize the number of data conflicts.

Submitting SIS File to PASI (Optional)

Running the Set PASI Student Default Values Report (Recommended)

New data elements have been added to support PASI Direct Connect. For example, Legal Name Is Exact, Other Name or Legal Name Is Preferred, Phone Is Listable, Deceased Status, Effective and Expiry dates on Addresses and Phone, and so on. Some of these fields can be set to default to reduce the number of data conflicts between PowerSchool and PASI. The Set PASI Student Default Values report provides a mechanism to set these values quickly. For instructions on running this report, refer to the Set PASI Student Default Values section.

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