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Manage Documents Submissions


The PASI Digital Student Record provides the ability for PASI to house a digitized version of the student record and to support the policies/process/procedures for authorities as per the Student Record Regulation. Manage Documents Submissions helps you upload bulk reports to PASI. Before uploading reports, make sure you have completed the PASI configuration for digital documents.

Navigation: Start Page > Special Functions > Interfaces to Other Systems > PASI Interface > Manage Documents Sumbissions

Create New Template

  1. Enter the Name of the new file.
  2. Choose the Category from the list of available options.
  3. Choose the Document Type.
  4. Choose the Rule Type.
  5. Choose the Rule Value.
  6. Enter the Maximum document size (MB)
  7. Select the checkbox Include ASN in the file name.
  8. Click Submit.
  • Rule Value is what proceeds the student's ASN on the PDF (ie. Alberta Student Number or ASN, etc)
  • Maximum document size refers to the overall size of the entire PDF document before it is broken up by student

Upload Reports to PASI

  1. Select the Template.
  2. Browse and select the reports you want to upload.
  3. Click Preview to verify the reports.
  4. Click Process. This gives a list of all the reports you are uploading to PASI.
  5. Select the document Date and Language.
  6. Click Submit to upload the reports to PASI.

You can verify all the files before uploading to PASI. If you want to exclude a file, select the checkbox Exclude next to the file and then Submit. If the file size exceeds the maximum limit, the file will be automatically excluded.

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