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CRDC School Setup (2020-2021)

The following data elements are required for CRDC school setup.

Data Element

Additional Information



School Setup > Scheduling: Sections > [Select Course] > [Select Section]

Civil rights data for sections are primarily derived from the course-level SCED codes and subject areas.

Note: This section contains only the sections fields used for CRDC. For more information on general section setup, see School Setup.

Master Schedule Collection
Dual Enrollment

Choose Yes or No if this is a dual enrollment or a dual credit section.



CRDC Information
COUR-12, COUR-13. Is this restricted to a single gender?

Choose one of the following to indicate if this is a single-sex section:

  • [Default] - Same as Course
  • N - Not Restricted (co-ed)
  • M - Male Only
  • F - Female Only

The page displays the value set at the course level.



Is this a Block Scheduled class?

Select the checkbox if this is a block scheduled class.

Note: Indicates a full-year course taken in one semester.


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