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SK Import Student Marks (formerly Import Blended and Transfer Marks)



This interface is used when importing marks from SDS. Note: This functionality is only available at the school level, marks cannot be imported at the District Office.

Import Marks

Follow the list of steps to import the response file.

  1. On the Start Page, click Special Functions.
  2. Click Saskatchewan Data Import System, then click Import Student Marks. The Import Student Marks page appears.
  3. Specify the file to import (the response file to Query_BySchool_StudentCompletedCourses). Click on the Browse button to find the import file.
  4. Specify the store code to be used for all marks imported. It is recommended that a new store code (e.g. T1) is created for the current school year that is specifically for imported marks. Only store codes for the current year term will be available.
  5. Specify the types of marks to import. Options include:
  1. Blended Marks Only. This will pre-select only marks with type=Blended.
  2. School - All School Marks Only. This will pre-select only marks with type= School
  3. School - Filtered School Marks (Non-Current School) Only. This will pre-select marks with type=School that are not from the current school.
  4. Other - Transferred Marks Only. This will pre-select transfer marks only.
  5. All Marks (Blended, School and Transfer Types). Select this option to import all marks, regardless of type.
  • Press the Process button.
  • All marks meeting the types of marks to import will be stored temporarily to allow for data validation.

Review: Import Student Marks

Marks from the import file will be validated for import. This transition page allows the user to see any issues with the importing candidates, as well as displaying currently stored grades that match these based on student and course.

Marks are grouped with existing PowerSchool historical grades (matches based on Student and Course) and are displayed as follows:


Source (from PowerSchool)

Source (from Import)


Student Name

[Students]Last_Name, [Students]First_Name

Derived from DeptAssignedPersonId

First initials only are shown.

Last names are truncated to 25 characters, as required.

Only the first record within a group will display the student name.

SASK Learning #



Student with matching LIN must exist within PowerSchool for marks to be importable.

Only the first record within a group will display the SASK LIN.

Learning numbers are imported if the "Import New Learning IDs to Student Number" option is checked; however, if any other student has a Learning ID with a value equal to that of a Learning ID to be imported, the Learning ID is not imported and an error message is displayed.

Course Number



Import file must have numeric value of 900-9999.

Section ID


Always 0

Import sectionID is zero, as there is no matching section.


Derived from [StoredGrades]TermID

Derived from SchoolYear


Store Code


Import parameter


Date Stored







Import file must have a numeric value.




Import file must have a numeric value.

Credit Earn



Import file must be 0, 0.5 or 1.

Credit Pot



Import file must be 0, 0.5 or 1.

Credit Type


CompletedCourse type

Import type can only be School, Blended or Transfer.

Grade Level


Derived from DeptAssignedCourseId


School Name





Always ‘Existing’

Option or feedback on data validation

If the mark can be imported, a drop down menu will appear, with options for Ignore (default) or Add. “Ignore” will omit this mark from import. “Add” will add the mark to StoredGrades.

If there is an issue with the mark (no matching student, no matching course, improper data types, etc.), an error will display and the mark will not be available to import.

After reviewing the import candidates:

  1. Select Add for any marks that are to be imported. To exclude marks that do not need to be imported, please select Ignore.
  2. If there is a problem with any of the data, simply click the Back button and no import will occur. However, if the data is ready to import and the appropriate marks are set to add, press the Submit button.
  3. Marks are imported to StoredGrades.

Results: Import Student Marks

Once import is complete, a results page displays showing the results of the import.

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