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SK English as an Additional Language



This report is used to submit English as an Additional Language requirements for students. It sends all the necessary information updates to SDS. It sends all the necessary information updates to SDS. The report output will be in a compressed or "zipped" format. The .ZIP file will contain either a single .ASC file (for the school from which it was run) or multiple .ASC files (one for each school selected when run at the District level).

Selection Criteria

  • Students will be based on All Students or Currently Selected Students and the Report Start/End Date Range. 
  • If the report is run for the current set of students, then the [Students]State_ExcludeFromReporting flag is ignored. 
  • If the report is run for all students, then only students with [Students]State_ExcludeFromReporting = ‘0’ are evaluated.
  • Students with [S_SK_STU_X]EALLevel = ‘07’ or a proficiency level of ‘Beyond B1.2’ are ignored.

Report Input

For help with navigation and running the report, seeHow to Find and Generate a Report.



Data to be Filled

Select the checkbox next to the filter fields to save the settings as defaults. To select all checkboxes, choose Set All from the pop-up menu. To clear all checkboxes, choose Reset All.

Run Report For

Choose whether you wish to run the report for the current selection of students or have the report search for students based on school, entry date and exit date (All Students).  When the current selection is selected, Report Start Date and Report End Date are ignored for student inclusion purposes.  When “All Students” is selected, only students whose EntryDate is less than the Report End Date entered and  ExitDate is greater than or equal to the Report Start Date entered are selected.

Report Start Date

Enter the date information was last sent to SDS. The report will scan for changes that have been made since that date.

Report End Date

Enter the current date OR the date of the day AFTER the last day of the term/school year.

Select Schools

If the report is run from the currently-selected school, ensure that the school is highlighted in the dropdown box.  If the report is from at the District level, select one or more schools from the dropdown menu. One file will be produced for each school with the format SK_EAL-{school_number}

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Report Output

Each of the fields displayed in the output of the report are described below. See Understanding the Report Output Table for a definition of each column in the table.

Data Element




One SAS_Header object is produced for each file


Displays a Global Unique Identifier.



Displays the date that the Report was generated.



Displays the time that the Report was generated in the format HH:MM:SS, using a 24-hour clock.



Display the time zone for the time that the Report was generated.



Displays the current School Number. This is the department-assigned number of the organization.



One SAS_EventObject is produced for each student selected for the report with EAL specifications





Always equals “Add”


StudentEnglishAdditionalLanguage RefId

Display an auto-increment reference ID for returning the response.




SASK Learning Number



Student’s Date of Birth formatted YYYY-MM-DD




The department-assigned number of the school providing the English as an Additional Language supports.



The English as an Additional Language support level.

SelectedCode = Yes

Code = [S_SK_STU_X]EALLevel


Effective start date of the proficiency levels.



Effective end date of the proficiency levels.


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