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SC33 Delete Add On Weightings Extracts Report



The purpose of this function is to allow the schools to select previously generated Add On Weightings Extracts for deletion in S_SC_RPTADDONHEADER_S and S_SC_RPTADDONEXTRACT_C tables.

Whenever the SC28 Add On Weightings report is run with the option to generate a Report and Extract, that data is saved in the S_SC_RPTADDONHEADER_S and S_SC_RPTADDONEXTRACT_C tables with the date the extract was generated.

When the user chooses the appropriate extracts and clicks Submit, the selected extracts are deleted.

Selection Criteria

Selection criteria determine which database records are used in the report. Refer to selection criteria for analysis when the report does not return the correct records.

The SC33 Delete Add On Weightings Extracts displays each extract that has been generated with the school name, day number and the date and time it was created for the selected school year.

The user selects one or more report extracts for deletion.

Report Input

For help with navigation and running the report, see How to Find and Generate a Report.



Available Reports

Using the CONTROL (Windows) key or COMMAND (Mac) key select the extracts that you would like to delete. Use the SHIFT key to select all of the extracts.

Run Now

Select this option if the user wants to run the report immediately.


Select this option if the user wants to run this report on a scheduled basis. Once this option is selected the following choices are:

  • Run Once
    • Start Date and Start Time to run the report.
  • Repeat
    • Select Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly for the appropriate re-occurrence for running the report.
      • If Daily is selected, check the Weekdays only box to limit to weekdays.
      • If Weekly is selected, check which weekday to run the report.
      • If Monthly is selected, check the month to run the report.
      • If Yearly is selected, select either the date or the weekday to run the report.
  • Date Range – Select No End Date or a date that the re-occurrence should end.

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Report Output

A pdf report is generated this lists the extracts that are deleted in the process. At the same time the records for these extracts are deleted from the S_SC_RPTADDONHEADER_S andS_SC_RPTADDONEXTRACTS_C tables.

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