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SC Transcript 2010 - 11 (Final) and SC Transcript 2010 - 11 (In Progress)



These transcripts are to be used by all districts and schools in South Carolina as the official transcript for a student.

If this is a final transcript, use the SC Transcript 2010-11 (final) report. This report is the standard SC official transcript for high school graduates and for students who need to provide completed course work for colleges or universities, scholarship applications, and other entities requiring the cumulative report at the end of their high school career.

If this transcript is for a student with work in progress use the SC Transcript 2010-11 (in progress) report. This report is used when "Work in Progress" for the current year needs to be included such as in the case of a student transferring to another school during the school year.

These object reports are custom reports that are maintained by the South Carolina Department of Education. If you do not have the SC Transcripts listed in the PowerSchool object reports, send an email to, SUBJECT: SC TRANSCRIPT, requesting the transcript.

The transcript will list all courses stored in historical grades for a student, grades K-12 unless an identifier is added to each course or activity completed by high, middle, or elementary students. Courses are those classes taken by student in grades 9-12 considered credit-bearing and for which a student receives units toward graduating with a state high school diploma. Student in some middle school grades may take courses that count toward their high school diploma as well and should be set up as high school courses. Activities are those classes taken by students in grades K-12 that do not count toward high school graduation or earning a high school diploma.

To keep courses/activities completed by a student during grades K-8 from printing on the high school transcript, add ES as the credit type for activities in elementary schools, MS for activities in middle school and HS for credit bearing courses.

A district can decide to denote only credit type of HS for credit-bearing courses and avoid setting course/activity credit types for all elementary and middle school activities. If you make this choice, you will not have a unique identifier to designate activities completed by students in the middle school grade levels versus the elementary school grade levels should you need such a report.

Credit types are entered on the Courses page. However, if an individual student's stored grade needs to be different from the course, the credit type field on the stored grade can be used to override what is on the course. A course or student's stored grades credit type can have multiple values. The order of the credit type is based on the actual graduation requirement order. HS can be first or last in the credit type field on the course. ES, MS or HS do not need to be added on the individual student's stored grade credit type.

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Selection Criteria

These reports are generated like any other object report. They can be run for an individual student, a selection of students, or all students.

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Report Input

To generate the SC Transcript 2010-11 (final) or SC Transcript 2010-11 (in progress) report, do the following:

  1. On the Start Page, search for and select any student or group of students. The Student Selection page appears.
  2. Choose Print Report from the Select a function for this group of students pop-up menu. The Print Reports page appears.
    Note: Alternatively, if you have a current selection of students, you can access this page by choosing Special Functions > Group Functions.
  3. To generate the transcript for a single student, search for the student from the start page and go to that student's page. From the navigation menu, select Print A Report.
  4. Use the following table to enter information in the fields:



Which report would you like to print?

Choose the SC Transcript 2010-11 (final) or SC Transcript 2010-11 (in progress) report from the pop-up menu. Types of reports are separated in the pop-up menu by dashes. The last group of reports are Object Reports.

For which students?

Select one of the following options to indicate the students for whom the report will be run:

  • All records in a single batch: Prints the report as a single job.
  • Print only the first [X] records: Prints the report for only the first specified number of records.
  • All records in batches of [X] records: Prints the report in the specified number of batches.

Note: The report jobs are automatically named with the text “Batch X of Y” followed by the report name, where X is the batch number and Y is the total number of batches. The total number of batches is determined by the size of the original selection and the size of a batch. For example, if there are 1,012 records in the selection, and the batch size is set to 50, there will be 21 total batches: 20 batches of 50 records and a 21st batch containing the final 12 records.

In what order?

Select the sort order.

If printing student schedules, use...

This is not applicable for the transcripts.

If printing fee list, only include transactions conducted during…(may be overridden in report setup)

This is not applicable for the transcripts.

Watermark Text

To print text as a watermark on each page of the report, use the pop-up menu to either choose one of the standard phrases or choose Custom and enter the text you want to print as a watermark in the field.

Watermark Mode

Use the pop-up menu to determine how you want the text to print. Watermark prints the text behind objects on the report, while Overlay prints the text over objects on the report.

When to print

Select a time to run the report:

  • ASAP: Execute immediately.
  • At Night: Execute during the next evening.
  • On Weekend: Execute during the next weekend.
  • On Specific Date/Time: Execute on the date and time specified in the following fields using the format mm/dd/yyyy or mm-dd-yyyy. If you do not use this format, an alert appears. If you submit the date with an incorrect format, the date field is submitted as a blank entry.

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