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How to Load Incident Management Codes



The following steps apply to all states provided with a script to load state-specific Incident Management codes required for state reports. This feature is available for South Carolina.

Use the following steps to load state specific Incident Management codes and subcodes into PowerSchool:

  1. Log into the District Office. The Start Page appears.
  2. On the Start Page, click District under Setup. The District Setup page appears.
  3. Click District Info. The District Information page appears.
  4. Under the heading "South Carolina - Discipline Code and Subcodes Setup," click Load Codes/Subcodes. The South Carolina - Discipline Codes and Subcodes Load Information page appears.
  5. Select the Load Codes/Subcodes checkbox.
  6. Click Submit. A message appears stating, "This load can only run once, do you want to proceed?"
  7. Click OK. The message "Load is Complete" appears under the heading South Carolina - Discipline Code and Subcodes Setup on the District Information page. At the top of the hour or when PowerSchool is restarted, whichever is sooner, a message appears in the server log window indicating that the load was successful.

Note: You must run the load script each time a new version of the script is released for your state. Check your state specific release notes for updates. When you run a new version of the script, the state codes are updated with any necessary changes. Custom codes are not affected.

State Codes vs. Custom Codes

After following the steps above to load state specific Incident Management codes, use the following navigation to view the codes in PowerSchool: Start Page > District Setup > Incident Management > Code & Subcode Setup. Remember that codes are loaded at the top of the hour or when PowerSchool is restarted, whichever is sooner.

On the "Incident Management Code & Subcode Configuration" page, click on the code types in the left-hand menu to verify that state-specific codes were loaded.


  • State-specific codes loaded using this process are identified by a carat (^) in the name.
  • Do not edit or delete state-specific codes loaded using this process. If you remove a carat or delete a code, there is no way to tell which code was edited/deleted. If you do edit a state-specific code and know which code you edited, you can see how the code should be set up by referring to the Appendix.
  • Adding a carat to a custom code does not identify the code as used for state reporting and does not include the code in state reports.

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