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Incident Management Setup


This section provides steps to set up Incident Management for South Carolina discipline incident reporting. 

Setup requires two procedures:

  • Incident Types, Codes and Subcodes must be created.
  • Use the seeded script that is installed with the State Reporting Installer that is available on PowerSource to import incident types, codes, and subcodes.
  • Incident types, codes, and subcodes may be set up manually at the district level. The values can be set up and edited via Start Page > District Setup > Incident Management. For code values, definitions, and report rules and layouts, see the Appendix and State Reporting Setup.
  • Security must be assigned to the appropriate groups to use Incident Management.

Note: Incident Types and Code/Subcode Descriptions that contain a carat (^) were imported using the Load South Carolina Incident Management processDo not edit or delete state-specific codes loaded using this process. If you remove a carat or delete a code, there is no way to tell which code was edit/deleted and version updates may be affected.

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