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Program Fact Template - RE



This template is used to track participation for specific programs; a complete list of programs to be collected can be found in Volume 2 of the PIMS User Manual. LEAs must report the actual beginning date (and if applicable, the actual ending date) for a student’s participation in a particular program during a school year. Thus, for each reporting date, each LEA will submit two types of records.

Selection Criteria

  • School where student is enrolled cannot be excluded from state reporting.
  • Programs must be set up in District Setup > Special Programs with the state defined codes attached.
  • Student cannot be excluded from state reporting.
  • Student must be enrolled into a defined-by-the-state program using Student > Special Programs functionality.
  • Students program enrollment dates must fall within the report start and end date.

Report Input

For help with report generation and navigation, see How to Find and Generate a Report.




If run at the district level, choose one of the following from the pop-up menu:

  • Default – District Wide. Includes all records on the PowerSchool server that meet selection criteria.
  • Current School Only – Includes all records associated with the current school that meet the selection criteria.
  • District Wide – Includes all records on the PowerSchool server that meet the selection criteria.

If run at the school level, the report includes all records associated with the current school that meet the selection criteria. To change the current school, click School at the top of the page and choose the appropriate school from the list.

Students to Include

Indicate which students to include in the report by selecting one of the following options:

  • The selected [number] students only – Run the report for students in the current selection.
  • All students – Run the report for all students in the current school or district that meet the selection criteria.

Note: If running the report for a single student, or group of students, select the students prior to running the report.

Processing Options

Choose a time to run the report from the pop-up menu:

  • In Background Now (Recommended) – Execute the report immediately in the background.
  • ASAP – Execute the report in the order it is received in the Report Queue.
  • At Night – Execute the report during the next evening.
  • On Weekend – Execute the report during the next weekend.
  • On Specific Time – Execute the report on the date and time specified.

Specific Date/Time

Enter a date using the format mm/dd/yyyy or mm-dd-yyyy in order to run the report on a specific day. The incorrect format displays an alert and the date field is submitted as a blank entry.

Schedule the report to be run at a specific hour and minute.

Example: 7/29/2008 @ 10 AM : 05.

Report Term Start DateEnter the start date of the report term.
Report Term End Date Enter the end date of the report term.
Field Delimiter

Choose the field delimiter for the template:

  • Tab (PS version 19.4.1 and above)
  • Comma
  • Pipe
End of Year SubmittalIf this is a end of year submission, choose Yes; otherwise, those No.
Show Column Field HeadersChoose Yes to show field headers for the columns in the template; otherwise, choose No.
Use School Building Overide Field for Location CodeSelect to print the School Building Override for Location Code in the report.

Report Output

Each of the fields displayed in the output of the report are described below. See Understanding the Report Output Table for a definition of each column in the table.

Item #

Data Element



Field Type

Max Length


District Code

The unique 9-digit Administrative Unit Number (AUN) assigned by the Pennsylvania Department of Education

Prefs]Value where [Prefs]Name=PA_districtAUN

If sub-districts are enabled:




Location Code

The PDE defined 4-digit code identifying the school. The School Building Override is printed if the Use School Building Overide Field for Location Code field is selected.

Example: 1234

[Students]SchoolID or



If sub-districts are enabled:




School Year Date

A single date indicating the whole school year; June 30 at the end of the standard school year is used to designate a school year. Thus, the 2015-2016 school year would be indicated by 2016-06-30.




Student ID

The unique, 10-digit PAsecureID assigned to the student.




Programs Code

The type of program in which the student participates




Beginning Date

Actual date on which the student began participating in a particular program




Ending Date

Actual date on which the student stopped participating in a particular program




Not collected


Program Intensity

This field is no longer used by PDE, but is still available for LEA use, if desired, to display the number of instructional minutes received for the program.

This field can be left blank

Used only with the Homebound (013) program




Not collected


Not collected


Not collected


Not collected


Not collected


Not collected


Program Comment

Free-form text field used to specify the funding source for programs “Other Tutoring – Math” and “Other Tutoring –Reading”.

Note: This field is required only for students where program code is 011 or 012.




Not collected


Participation Information Code (Homeless)

An indication of whether this student is identified as homeless or doubled up.

Note: Required for students reported with Program Codes 055 (Homeless- Unaccompanied) and 056 (Homeless – Accompanied) and, if populated with either of those program codes, is extracted regardless of end date.




Not collected


Not collected


Not collected


Not collected


Not collected

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