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EWS Roles Administration



The following data elements are required for Course Instructor Template - EWS.

Start Page > System Administrator > Roles Administration > Co-Teaching Roles

  1. On the Start Page, click SystemAdministrator > Roles Administration. The Roles Administration page appears.
  2. Click Co-Teaching Roles. The Co-Teaching Roles page appears.
  3. Click on New and enter the information from the table below

Data Element

Additional Information


Used in these Reports

Entering Co-Teaching Information

System Administrator > Roles Administration > Co-Teaching

Lead Teacher


Job Share Teacher

Teacher Aide

Class Observer

Set preferences for all roles on this server.

If desired, update the Name field and/or Description field to these values:

  • 02-Assistant Teacher
  • 03-Support Teacher
  • 04-Substitue Teacher

Note: Include the Reference Code of 02, 03, and 04 respectively to have these roles included in the Course Instructor EWS Template.

The Lead Teacher role is reported by default.

[ROLEAVAILABLEPROPERTYID]propname = 'com.pearson.powerschool.coteach.code'




Course Instructor Template

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