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Restraint and Seclusion Reporting 2019-20

Starting in the 2019-20 school year, Restraint and Seclusion reporting is split into two collections.

  • Seclusion Rooms (Online form)
  • Incidents of Seclusion or Restraint (Student level collection)

A few months before the student level collection is due, PowerSchool will release a new Restraint and Seclusion File for submission to the state. The file will report incidents from Incident Management having one of the following action sub-codes:

  • Restraint
  • Seclusion in Unlocked Room
  • Seclusion in Locked Room

PowerSchool already collects most of the required elements in Incident Management, with the exception of three new student level collection elements.

For accurate Seclusion and Restraint reporting it will be necessary to add the following Action Attributes to Incident Management setup at District Office to collect the steps taken to decrease the use of physical restraint and seclusion for students physically restrained or secluded more than 10 times during the school year.

  1. Navigate to (District Office) Start Page > District > Incident Management > Code & Subcode Setup
  2. Click the Action Attributes link to display Action Attributes, then click the green Plus button
  3. Create three new Action Attributes, having the following Categories:

    1. (See Appendix article Incident Management: Action Attribute Codes for more information)

    2. Restraint/Seclusion Steps Taken 1

    3. Restraint/Seclusion Steps Taken 2

    4. Restraint/Seclusion Steps Taken  3
  4. Create Action Attribute sub-codes for each of the above three Steps Taken Action Attributes
    1. Click the Action Attribute to display the options icon, then click the green plus icon.
    2. Enter sub-code information, using the Incident Management: Action Attribute Subcodes article as a guide.
    3. Repeat for each required sub-code, entering sub-codes for all three new Action Attributes.
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