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Student Assessment (FA) Import



The import is designed to populate student FA records, Start Page > Student Selection > Ohio State Information - Student Assessment Record (FA) from a file provided by a test vendor for the following assessments:

  • AASWD (Alternate Assessments Students with Disabilities) OAA (pre-FY15) (.txt)
  • AASWD (Alternate Assessments Students with Disabilities) OGT (pre-FY15) (.txt)
  • ACT (American College Testing Assessment) (.txt)
  • ACT Roster View (.csv)
  • AP Advanced Placement Assessment (.csv)
  • ELA (Early Learning Assessment for Preschool students) (.csv)
  • KRA (Kindergarten Readiness Assessment) (.csv)
  • NWEA (DORP Growth Assessment) (.csv)
  • OAA (Ohio Achievement Test) (pre-FY16) (.txt)
  • OCBA (Grades 3-8 Next Generation and End of Course) (post FY14) (.txt)
  • OCBA (Alternate Assessments) (.txt)
  • OCBA (Ohio English Language Performance Assessment) (.txt)
  • OGT (Ohio Graduation Tests) (.txt)
  • OTELA (Ohio Test English Language Acquisition) (pre-FY16) (.txt)
  • PARCC Assessments (FY15 only) (.csv) (explain)
  • SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) (.txt)
  • STAR (formerly NWEA MAP) (.csv)
  • Ohio District Data Exchange (ODDEX) Assessment files (.txt)
  • Webxam (GY - CTE Assessment) (.csv)
  • WorkKeys (.csv)

Importing the Data File

Follow these instructions to import the assessment results.

  1. Click District > Data Import System > Student Assessment (FA) Import.
  2. In the File to Import field, click the Browse button to select the name of the file to be imported. This file may be .txt or .csv extension. It must be unchanged from the original formatting.
  3. Select an Update Accommodation value from the list, if required. A yes or no choice is required.
  4. Select an assessment date, if required.
  5. Click Validate.
  6. The Validate Import page will appear. A message states "The file has been processed, but not yet loaded. Please validate that the file was processed correctly and then click save."
    1. Click on the show invalid link if there are invalid records present. The Records That Were Not Loaded table indicates which records will not be imported and why. The table contains the following columns for each invalid record:

      Row Line Number

      Field Name

      Invalid Field Value

      Validation Error

    2. Click on the show valid link to see what records will be imported upon saving. A Records Currently Loaded table appears with the following columns:
    3. The table shows the fields into which the data will be imported. Users can scroll through the records in the table using the scroll bar and move between pages of data using the arrows at the bottom of the screen.



      Test Type

      Test Grade Level

      Assessment Area

      Required Test Type

      Test Date

      Student Grade Level

      Type of Accommodation

      Score Not Reported


           a. Fields used for matching
      1. For State provided files, via a test vendor, the students are matched using the SSID or for non-public schools the Alternate State Student ID if populated on the Pre-ID tab.
      2. For ACT and SAT results, students are being matched using the first name, last name, birth date, middle initial, gender, grade and, if provided, the State Student Identifier (SSID). Students who are identified as an exact or close match will be imported.
  7. If satisfied that the data is in the correct fields, click SAVE.
  8. A message is returned "The import was successful. The file has been loaded."
  9. Click the link Return to (FA) Student Assessment Record Import Home Screen
  10. The Student Assessment (FA) Import page now contains an Import History table with these columns:


    Import Id

    Test Type


    Time Loaded

    Records Currently Loaded

    This import also provides for removing records if necessary. Users can perform the following steps to remove a batch of assessments if needed.

  1. Click District > Data Import System > Student Assessment (FA) Import
  2. Determine which group of records that will be removed from the State/Province – OH FA tab by finding it in the Import History table.
  3. Click on the Successfully Imported link for the group.
  4. The Detailed Information About Import page opens.
  5. Click on Remove Records.
  6. The message "The imported records have been removed" is returned.
  7. Click on the link Return to (FA) Student Assessment Record Import Home Screen
  8. Observe the group selected now indicates a Status of "Removed"

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