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Data Import Map for ACT Results From Roster View (.csv) File

This page describes the process for importing ACT Roster View result files via the Student Assessment (FA) Import function.  To get the best results, users should add these fields to their Roster View Report prior to download from the ACT site:  Gender, Grade and State ID.  It is important to note that the .csv file should only be opened in a text editor. Do not open the file in Excel.  Opening the file in Excel will cause changes to the data, which will cause the import to fail. 

Because the ACT Roster View file does not always contain the PowerSchool student number, there is a need to determine to which PowerSchool student the ACT Roster View record belongs. Student matching is based on the percentage of text that matches between the Roster View file and PowerSchool fields.  When a user clicks the Validate File button, the Ohio Student Matching function reviews the file and determines the percentage of matching data.  A comparison is done between these fields:

  • State_StudentNumber
  • First_name
  • Middle_name
  • Last_name
  • Gender
  • Grade
  • Date of Birth

When validation is complete, Student Matching displays the following categories with counts of students and a Show link that, when clicked, displays the data for each student in each category:

Exact: 0 (show) Close: 0 (show) Partial: 1 (show) Poor: 12 (show) Duplicate: 0 (show)

After selecting the Show link, the page displays each student in the list with a View link.  When selected, the View link provides a list of possible matches for the selected student. Users can determine which PowerSchool student record the ACT Roster View file should be associated with and edit the ACT Roster View file to improve the match results. When the source file has been edited, it can be uploaded and validated again.

Data Map for ACT Roster View File

File format is .csv

Header Name


Field Name

Field Content

FA Import Use




Students Unique Identifier

Not used



Student Last Name

Special characters are - ' .

Used for matching



Student First Name

Special characters are - ' .

Used for matching



Student Middle Initial

Special characters are - ' .

Used for matching



State-Assigned Student ID Number

The first 13 characters of the state or district supplied value.

Used for matching



Test Date

Formatted as MMMM YYYY

Imported as Test_Date format YYYYMM



Date of Birth

Formatted as MMDDYYYY.

Used for matching

HS_GradeLev15Grade LevelFormatted as xxthUsed for matching



Gender (Alpha)

M = Male; F = Female; ' - ' = Blank

Used for matching

Composite2Composite Score

The range for each score is 01-36. A score of '--' means that test was omitted by student. If any score is '--', the Composite score is set to '--'.

Imported as Exclude this assessment from EMIS reporting
Mth2Math Score

Imported Assessment_Area = M;

Score = three digit

Sci2Science Score

Imported Assessment_Area = S;

Score = three digit

Eng2English Score

Imported Assessment_Area = ENG;

Score = three digit

Rdg2Reading Score

Imported Assessment_Area = R;

Score = three digit

State Org7Internal ACT Number
Not used by the FA Import
District Org7Internal ACT Number
Not used by the FA Import
School Org7Internal ACT Number
Not used by the FA Import

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