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Post School Survey Extract



The Post School Survey extract is used to report postgraduate information for students who graduated during the previous school year. The extract is generated in a comma-delimited format.

Note: In order for the Post School Survey Extract to function as expected, the appropriate Years & Terms must be set up in the Graduated Students school. Before running the report, switch to the Graduated Students school, navigate to Start Page > School Setup > Years & Terms and verify that there is at least a year term set up for the previous school year.

Selection Criteria

Selection criteria determine which database records are used in the report.

Student Selection

The Post School Survey extract includes student records from the [Students] table that meet the following criteria:

  • Students with a school enrollment associated to a school included in the report.
  • Students who were enrolled in the Career Education Concentrator special program:
  • The Program Info Code for the student’s special program enrollment must be Career Education Concentrator (CE0003) or Career Education Concentrator with Postsecondary (CE0004).
  • Students who graduated from school the previous school year:
  • Students whose school enrollment Entry Date is on or after the first day of the year term from the previous school year, such as 9/5/2008.
  • Students whose school enrollment Exit Date is on or before June 30th of the previous school year, such as 6/30/2009.
  • Students whose school enrollment Exit Code is 210 or 211.

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Report Input

For help with navigation and report generation, see How to Find and Generate a Report.



Data to be Filled

Select the checkbox next to the filter fields to save the settings as defaults. To select all checkboxes, choose Set All from the pop-up menu. To clear all checkboxes, choose Reset All.

Select Schools

Choose one of the following:

  • Current School Only – Includes all student records associated with the current school that meet selection criteria. To change the current school, click the School link at the top of the page and choose the appropriate school from the list.
  • All Schools – Includes all student records on the PowerSchool server that meet selection criteria.


School Year

Choose a school year from the pop-up menu. Choose the current school year to report on the previous school year. For example, to report on 2008-2009, choose 2009-2010.

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Report Output

Each of the fields displayed in the output of the report are described below. 

Note: The elements described in the table below are the ones required by the NDE; the actual report template contains more fields that are not required and are reported blank. See Understanding the Report Output Table for a definition of each column in the table.

Element #

Data Element




District Code

NDE Number for the district.




School Year Date

This value is automatically extracted as June 30th. The report determines the year by referencing the last day in the school year selected when running the report.



Student ID

State issued identification number.



Student Snapshot Date

Not collected.



Student Snapshot Period Level

Not collected.



Special Ed Outcome Code

Not collected.



Post Graduate Activity Code

The report extracts 0 if the field is equal to Unavailable or not populated.

Value values:

  • 0 – Unavailable
  • 1 – 2-Year College
  • 2 – 4-Year College
  • 3 – Employment
  • 4 – Military
  • 5 – Not Placed

Note: If multiple Post Graduate Activity Codes apply to a student, use the following ranking to choose a code:

  • 4-Year College
  • 2-Year College
  • Military
  • Employment

Example: If the student is employed and attending a 2-year college; choose 2-Year College because that option is ranked higher than Employment.



Special Ed Outcome Determination Code

Not collected.



Post Graduate Activity Determination

The report extracts 0 if the field is equal to Unavailable or is not populated.

Valid values:

  • 0 – Unavailable
  • 1 – Administrative Records Match
  • 2 – Follow-up Survey
  • 3 – Observation
  • 4 – Exit Survey

Note: Do not select blank or 0 if the value for Post Graduate Activity Code is 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.


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