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Curriculum Extract



The Curriculum extract is used to report course information on all teachers including elementary and preschool teachers. This is an NDE extract. This extract is used to meet the requirements for NCLB Qualified as well as reporting requirements for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act on connecting students to course to classes to individual teachers. The extract is generated in a comma-delimited format.

Selection Criteria

Selection criteria determine which database records are used in the report.

Curriculum Selection

The Curriculum extract includes staff assignment records from the [S_NE_USR_StaffAssignment_C] table that meet the following criteria:

  • Staff members with an active Assignment Date during the reporting period.
  • Staff members whose assignment has not yet completed. In other words, the Completion Date is 0/0/0 or after the report end date.
  • Staff members who are associated with a school that is not excluded from state reporting.

Report Input

For help with navigation and report generation, see How to Find and Generate a Report.



Data to be Filled

Select the checkbox next to the filter fields to save the settings as defaults. To select all checkboxes, choose Set All from the pop-up menu. To clear all checkboxes, choose Reset All.

Select Schools

Choose one of the following:

  • Current School Only – Includes all student records associated with the current school that meet selection criteria. To change the current school, click the School link at the top of the page and choose the appropriate school from the list.
  • All Schools – Includes all student records on the PowerSchool server that meet selection criteria.

Note: The All Schools option is only available when running the report from the District Office.

Run Date

Enter a date used to calculate the total students per session. Enter the last in session day of the term when reporting first semester course data. Enter the current date when reporting second semester of all year course data.

Semester for Year-Long Course

Choose the term for year-long courses. Elementary courses are tied to the default term.

Include Header

Choose Yes or No to indicate whether to display the header row in the extract. The header row displays the name of the field in each column of the report. Select No when generating the file for submission to the state.

Include Teacher Name

Choose Yes or No to generate a validation report. The validation report extracts the staff name, section number, and course name. Select No when generating the file for submission to the state.

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Report Output

Each of the fields displayed in the output of the report are described below. See Understanding the Report Output Table for a definition of each column in the table.

Element #

Data Element




Record Number

Sequential number starting with 1 for every record in the file.




Two-digit NDE assigned county number.





Four-digit NDE assigned district/system number.





Three-digit NDE assigned school number.

[Schools]Alternate_School_Number, if available





Social Security Number of the teacher.

Note: Dashes are not extracted.




Enter the course code from https://www.

Note: Include leading zeros on the 6-digit course code.




Select the grade level or grade range of students taking the course.

[S_NE_USR_StaffAssignment_C] StaffAssignGrade



Select if the course is a special course.

  • 0 = Not Applicable
  • 2 = UNL Independent Study High
  • 3 = Distance Learning

The default value for this field is 0 if it is not populated.




Select the code to indicate when the course is offered and the course length.

  • 1 = 1st Semester
  • 2 = 2nd Semester
  • 3 = All year course

The default value for this field is 3 if it is not populated.




Range 1-800.

Enter the average number of minutes the class meets during the entire school year (excluding summer school).




Range 1-800.




Range 1-999.

The total number of students enrolled in the course.  First semester courses determined from the last class session. Second semester or year-long courses determined as of the reporting date.

Calculated from CC record and bell schedule.


Dual Credit Total Students

This field is reported for Non-Public Schools only.

Total number of students taking this course if the course is eligible for dual credit and the students earned both high school and postsecondary credit.  


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