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School Start-Time and End-Time Report



This report provides the 10-year history of start and release times for each school in the LEA. The times are not tied to a specific date or set of dates, but rather are generally representative for a given school year. 

Selection Criteria

Selection criteria determine which database records are used in the report. Refer to selection criteria for analysis when the report does not return the correct records.

School Selection

A school record is selected if it meets the following criteria:

  • The school must not be excluded from state reporting.
  • The school must be open during the current school year.
  • Charter, regional, and state operated schools are excluded.

Report Input

Run Report Collection

This report collection can run at the LEA or School level.

Use the following steps to generate the School Start-Time and End-Time Report.

  1. On the Start Page, click State Reporting Dashboard. The State Reporting Dashboard page appears and displays a list of data collections for the school.
  2. Next to the School Start-Time and End-Time Report, click Run.
  3. The system validates the data against the business rules set up for the collection and completes the process.
  4. Users have 24 hours to approve their data collection. If approval is not done within the 24 hours, the users must re-run the collection.

Review Data Collection

  1. Next to the SET Report, click Review.
  2. From the Choose Data View pop-up menu, choose the data view. 
    Note: This menu has only one option, either SET School or SET LEA, based on whether the report is run from the School or LEA level.

  3. Click Refresh. The Results section displays the filtered report results specific for the selected data view.
  4. To narrow your search, select one or more filters, if available.

Review Exceptions

To review exceptions:

  1. From the Dashboard, click Review. The Review page appears.
  2. Select Exceptions from the Reviews drop-down menu. Exceptions associated with a data collection display.
  3. Select the exception type from the Choose exception pop-up menu. The Business Rule and Steps to Correct for the selected exception type appear on the page. The Results section displays detailed information associated with the selected exception.
  4. To narrow your search, select one or more filters, if available.
  5. Click Refresh. The Results section displays the filtered exception results specific for the selected data view.

Note: Click Export to export the data collection results to an Excel spreadsheet.

PowerSchool provides data validation to promote data integrity by preventing invalid data from being entered or imported into PowerSchool. Refer to Validation Reports -> SET Validations for detailed list of School Start-Time and End-Time Data data and user interface validation checks that provide additional information and the necessary steps to correct exceptions, if applicable.

Report Output

Each of the fields displayed in the output of the report are described below. See Understanding the Report Output Table for a definition of each column in the table.

Data Element



LEA Name

The name of the reported LEA.

Prefs (Name=districtname)

School Name

The name of the reported school



The school year.

Note: The Start/Release columns repeat for the past ten school years.



The start time of the school day during the given school year.




The release time of the school day during the given school year.



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