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CRDC EDDIE Grade Levels

The Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) uses previous year grade level data from EDDIE to determine which grade levels should be reported for each school. The data that flows from EDDIE is current year. The CRDC EDDIE Grade Levels page allows users to update previous year grade levels. This information is required for the data in the CRDC collection to calculate accurately.

Note: EDDIE does not provide grade level data for program schools such as CECAS, Migrant or EL (formerly LEP). It is important to verify the accuracy of these program schools for the CRDC.

Use the following instructions to update previous year grade levels as needed.

  1. Locate the correct YEAR_ID. Note:  For the SY 2017-18 CRDC, locate YEAR_ID 27.
  2. In the Grade_Level column, type each grade level and separate with a colon.   Note:  Type each grade level using the format in EDDIE. An example is Kindergarten:  In EDDIE Kindergarten is ‘KG’. LOW_GRADE and HIGH_GRADE elements are not used.  If updated, the grade level must be in the same format as grade levels in PowerSchool.
  3. Click Submit.



School Setup > CRDC EDDIE Grade Levels


Indicates the internal yearid for the PowerSchool term. This value is the current year minus 1991. For example, the 2017-2018 year is 2018-1991 which is 27.

GRADE_LEVELIndicates the grade levels that were taught at this school in the appropriate year.


Indicates the PowerSchool low grade


Indicates the PowerSchool high grade

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