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Student MSISID Import

This function is used to import MSIS IDs provided by the state in the IMT File. The import will update a student's State_StudentNumber field with the MSIS ID generated by the state after the Initial Student Load.

Use the following steps to import MSIS IDs into PowerSchool:

  1. Click Student MSISID Import.
  2. Click Browse next to the File to Import box.
  3. Navigate to the MSIS ID file and click open.
  4. Click Import.

Result Page

The result page displays the number of records successfully updated, the number of records not updated due to errors, as well as an error log.

Possible Error Messages and Causes


Error Message


No student ID# found.

A student was listed in the import file with no corresponding UID (Student id).

Student ID#00000: import failed. MSIS ID not found.

A student was listed in the import file with no corresponding MSIS Id.

Student ID#00000: import failed. Invalid student id.

The student id found was not valid. Student id's cannot contain letters or special characters.

Student ID#00000: import failed. Student not found.

The student id was not found in the database.

Student ID#00000 (lastname, firstname): import failed. Cannot overwrite existing MSIS Id.

The student was found to already have been assigned an MSIS Id.

Student ID#00000 (lastname, firstname): import failed.

The import failed for a reason not listed above.

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