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Attendance Reconciliation Export


This report produces a text-tab delimited export file of student attendance discrepancies. Student attendance dates are exported if the student's attendance percentage does not align with his Daily Attendance Code absence/presence status. For instance, if a student is not present 63% of his day and has a Daily Present Code, or if he is present 63% of his day but has a Daily Absent Code.

This Attendance Reconciliation Export is intended for use in correcting large numbers of discrepancies en masse, whereas the Attendance Reconciliation Report is designed for correcting individual student attendance dates. Instructions for use are included in the report output.

Important: It is recommended that ALL discrepancies be corrected, so that a student's Daily Attendance Code aligns with his attendance percentage.

Note: This report is intended for advanced PowerSchool users who are familiar with data exports and with updating PowerSchool data using Quick Import.

Report Input

For help with navigation and running the report, seeHow to Find and Generate a Report.



Current Selection Students

Select to run for your current selection of students or for all students.

Start Date of Report

Enter a Report Start Date.
All attendance discrepancies between the report start and end dates will be exported.

End Date of Report

Enter a Report End Date.
All attendance discrepancies between the report start and end dates will be exported.

Report Output

Each of the fields displayed in the output of the report are described below. See Understanding the Report Output Table for a definition of each column in the table.

Note: The name of the school for which the report has been run appears beside the report name in the Report Queue.

Data Element




The attendance date of the discrepancy.



The total minutes present/possible for the student on the Attendance Date listed.

Example: 110/300 – The student attended 110 minutes of the 300 minutes possible for that day according to his schedule.

Note:  See the Mississippi Attendance Reports and the 63% Rule section in the Introduction above for more information on how Minutes Attended and Potential Minutes are calculated.



The percentage of time the student is in attendance on the Attendance Date listed.

Percent Attended is calculated by dividing Minutes Attended by Potential Minutes.


Existing Daily_Code

The student’s current Daily Attendance Code for the Attendance Date listed.




A comma separated list of all Meeting Period attendance codes for the Attendance Date listed.

All codes for the day are listed; for example,  if the student is marked ‘A – Absent’ in 4 periods, the results will display as: A,A,A,A



New Daily_Code

Note: This column is intentionally left blank.

Enter the desired New Attendance Code into this column. The attendance code entered must match an existing code setup at the school. For instance, if entering an A in the column, an attendance code of A must exist on the School > Attendance Codes setup page.

This column is used in the import to update a student’s existing Daily attendance code to this new value.



Note: This column is pre-populated with the value ‘ATT_ModeDaily’.

This field is required for import into the Attendance table.



The school id of the student on the date of the attendance discrepancy.




The internal student id of the student (as viewed on the bottom of his Teacher Comments page).


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