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School Setup

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The following data elements are required for school setup.

Start Page > School Setup.

  1. On the Start Page, click the School link. The school list appears.
  2. Choose a school from the pop-up menu. The school start page appears.
  3. Click School from under Setup. The School Setup page appears.

For more information on code values, see the Appendix.

Data Element

Additional Information

[Table] Field Name


Used in these Reports

Select School > School > Bell Schedules > Edit Schedule > select period
Type of Schedule (For Ed-Fi reporting only)

Select the type of schedule for each period.

  • BS - Before School
  • DS - During School
  • DSL - During School Lunch
  • AS - After School
  • ES - Evening School

Sections > [select course] > [select section] > Edit Section

Course Number

The course number.


Max 11

Exclude from MCCC

Select this field if you would like to exclude this course from MCCC reporting.



MCCC Course

MCCC Staff

MCCC Student

Grade ReportedThis is used to generate a MCCC grade for all students who are enrolled in this course and do not get a Historical Grade record. If Grade Reported is selected then Term Type and Term Number must be populated.[S_MN_SEC_X]MCCC_Reported_Grade4

MCCC Staff

MCCC Student

Term TypeThis is used to override the term type for MCCC. If Term Type is selected then Grade Reported and Term Number must be populated.[S_MN_SEC_X]MCCC_Term_type2

MCCC Staff

MCCC Student

Term NumberThis is used to override the term number for MCCC. If Term Number is populated the Grade Reported and Term Type must be populated.[S_MN_SEC_X]MCCC_Term_Number2

MCCC Staff

MCCC Student

Marking Indicator

Select Yes if students receive a mark for this course.

When districts need to report a class on the MCCC that does not have an associated stored grade, the Marking Indicator must be set to No.

[S_MN_SEC_X]MCCC_Mrk_Ind1MCCC Student
Instruction Method

Select the appropriate instruction method.

Instruction Language

Choose the appropriate Instruction Language.

See Appendix C for a list of, and set up for, Instructional Languages.

For bilingual courses only

Fixed Period IndicatorSelect Yes if the course meets in a fixed time slot.[S_MN_SEC_X]mccc_fxd_tm1
Subject Area

Select the appropriate subject area.

Multiple mark courses only

Calendar Number - OverrideSelect the calendar number, if different from calendar mapping.[S_MN_SEC_X]CalendarNumber11
Virtual Instruction (For Ed-Fi reporting only)Select Yes if the course is a Virtual Course. The default is set to No.[S_MN_SEC_X]Virtual_Instruction2
Instructional Delivery Mode (For Ed-Fi reporting only)

Select the appropriate Instruction Delivery Mode.

The explanation of each of the codes is as follows:

(GD) - On Ground: Learning occurs with student and instructor in the same place at the same time.
(OA) - Online asynchronous: Completely online. The delivery and learning are NOT at the same time, NOT in the same place.
(OS) - Online synchronous: Completely online. The delivery and learning are at the same time but NOT in the same place.
(HB) - Hybrid: A mix of any on ground, asynchronous and synchronous.

Site NumberSite number override. This will override the Course site number.[S_MN_SEC_MCCC_EE_C]Site_Number3MCCC EE Course

Instructional Approach

Select the appropriate instructional approach(s).



[S_MN_SEC_MCCC_EE_C]Type = ‘I’


MCCC EE Course

Site Based Initiative

Select the appropriate site-based initiative(s).



[S_MN_SEC_MCCC_EE_C]Type = ‘S’


MCCC EE Course


Select the appropriate implementation code for the curriculum or assessment tool.



MCCC EE Course

Record IdIndicates the associated record Id.[S_MN_DirectPayCourses_S]id19MCCC Student
College CodeIndicates the associated College Code.[S_MN_DirectPayCourses_S]College_Code10MCCC Student
College Course TitleIndicates the associated Course Title.[S_MN_DirectPayCourses_S] College_Course_Title500MCCC Student
College Course CodeIndicates the associated College Course Code.[S_MN_DirectPayCourses_S] College_Course_Code50MCCC Student
Subject AreaIndicates the associated SCED Subject Area Code.

[Sections]MN_MCCC_SUBJ_AREA or


2MCCC Student
State Course CodeIndicates the associated state course code.



10MCCC Student
Select School > School > Years & Terms > select year
Last Day of School OverrideServes as an override for the end date of the school year for state reporting.[S_MN_TRM_X]last_day_overrideDate




First Day of School OverrideServes as an override for the start date of the school year for state reporting.[S_MN_TRM_X]first_day_overrideDate




Select School > School > Years & Terms > edit term > select term
Teacher Days (For Ed-Fi reporting only)

Indicate the number of teacher days per term.

This field allows a two decimal number.


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