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MCCC Grade Mapping

MCCC Grade Mapping

To complete the mapping in PowerSchool, navigate to District > SERVS Setup > MCCC - Grade Mapping and be sure to be aware of the current term. Click the New button to create a new mapping. Select a local term from the dropdown list. Enter the appropriate Store Code,  Term Type and Term Number for the selected PowerSchool school and term. Repeat this process for each of the schools and terms. To edit a given Grade Mapping entry, simply click on the Local Term Id field to make any corrections. 

Data Element

Additional Information

[GEN]CAT = mn_mccc_grd_map

Used in These Reports

Course Term Id

Select the local term to map. Must be set up for each term at the School. Drop down will only show the terms with the current school year.


MCCC extracts & SERVS

Store Code

Enter the MCCC Calendar Number.


MCCC extracts & SERVS

MCCC Term TypeEnter the MCCC Term Type.[GEN]Value2MCCC extracts & SERVS
MCCC Term NumberEnter the MCCC Term Number.[GEN]ValueiMCCC extracts & SERVS

The following are the State Standard Scores to be used for MCCC Grade Mapping.

P(P) - Pass / Credit Earned
F(F) - Fail / No Credit Earned
PN(PN) - Pass / No Credit Earned - Use this choice for audit type.
0(0) - Failing (Very poor performance)
1(1) - Minimally Acceptable (Lowest passing grade)
2(2) - Acceptable (Meets some of the basic standards for the course)
3(3) - Good (Meets standards for the assignment or course)
4(4) - Outstanding (Meets the highest standards for the assignment or course)
WPWithdrawn Pass - WP is withdrawn but has participated enough to pass.
WFWithdrawn Fail - WF is withdrawn and does not have enough to pass the course. 
IIncomplete - Fail
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