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Appendix C - MCCC (Minnesota Common Course Catalogue) Setup

The Minnesota Common Course Catalogue (MCCC) is a course classification system intended to provide uniform information about which courses are taught by Minnesota teachers and completed by Minnesota high school students. There are four components to the current MCCC: the Index (Catalogue), the Calendar, the Staff/Course records, the Student/Course records.

MCCC Index

MCCC Codes

Within an hour of the state reporting update process, three codes sets for the MCCC should be pre-populated with initial data.

Course Codes (more than 1000 codes for 23 different subject areas)

Course Levels

Standard Addressed

To verify that the codes have been created automatically, click on Reports and select the State tab. Scroll down to the Minnesota SERVS section and click on MCCC - Course Levels. Data should appear that represents the MCCC Course Levels. Verify that the two other sets of data (Standard Addressed and Course Codes) have been populated (Course Codes might take a little extra time since there is such a large quantity of data).

In the event that any of these codes need to be modified, deleted, or a new code needs to be created, refer to the section above on How to Define the Codes and Code Definition Example. Current code information can be found on the Minnesota Department of Education website at

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